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Endang W. Hoyaranda

INDONESIA - Health & Education

Superior Quality Test Control

President Director, Prodia Group


Endang W. Hoyaranda completed her pharmacy education at the Bandung Institute of Technology, where she later taught physiology and pharmacology from 1976-1982 in addition to becoming department secretary. She then joined Prodia Clinical Laboratories in Jakarta. In 1990, she was made Operations Director, responsible for R&D, QA, Logistics, IT, and HR at all levels. From 2002-2009 she was President Director of Prodia Clinical Laboratories, directing over 102 branches and 218 outlets throughout the country. She became President Director of Prodia Group in 2009, which includes the clinical laboratory, CRO, Occupational Health Institute, Prodia Stemlife, Prodia Diagnostic Line, and Innovasi Diagnostika.

TBY talks to Endang W. Hoyaranda, President Director of Prodia Group, and Erizal Sugiono, Director of Prodia the CRO, on branching out, tackling life-threatening diseases, and supporting firms developing new products.

What are the synergies between the Prodia groups?

ENDANG W. HOYARANDA They are all independent. CRO is independent and has its own network, policies, and so on. The culture remains the same, as does the way of doing things, but all companies originate from Prodia Labs. After 35 years of operations, it began creating subsidiaries due to requirements from clients and customers, the first of which was Prodia CRO. The same is true for Prodia Occupational Health, the first company for occupational health, while ProStem is for stem-cell therapy, medicine, and research. ProStem’s main activity is now stemcell research and doing clinical trials for major life-threatening diseases. The same applies to Proline, which is an in-vitro diagnostic company that is a partnership between Prodia and a German company called DiaSys. It has great technology and is not far from being the 20th largest diagnostics company in the world. This came about because the market needed local reagents, and before Proline was established, more than 99% of all reagents used in Indonesia were imported. Now with Proline, we can produce it in Indonesia so it is a truly important milestone for the country. The last one is Innodia, the distributer for Proline, which by regulation is an overseas investment company that needs a local distributor.

Have insurance regulations changed your industry?

EWH The Social Insurance Administration Organization (BPJS) is currently cooperating with us at Prodia Labs, though we do not yet have cooperation with CRO. Prodia Labs is more focused on specialty testings for special diseases. We have labs that are one of a kind in Indonesia for sophisticated testing, so practically every hospital and every other independent lab and clinic refers to us. The largest hospitals, including the largest hospital chains, are our customers and work with BJPS. Public and private hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies all refer their clients to us.

What is the portfolio of the Prodia CRO testing services?

ERIZAL SUGIONO CRO’s clients mostly come from pharmaceutical companies, the biotech industry, and traditional medicine and food supplement companies. If they have a new product whose quality and safety they want to test, they come to us.

EWH The majority of the work that Prodia CRO does partly supports the pharmaceutical companies in the process of developing new products and want to enter a market with regulations but do not have the facilities to go into detailed research in each country. In this case, they hire contract research organizations (CROs), which is the case all over the world. The large CROs collaborate with local CROs, such as ourselves, to conduct local research. We also work for small biotech companies as we move more into the personal medicine era. Large companies are buying out small biotech companies, though sometimes biotech companies conduct research in countries like Indonesia. Therefore, we also deal with these small biotech companies that come to us from the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia to do their clinical trials in Indonesia.



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