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Nael Attiyat

QATAR - Transport

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Country Manager, DHL Qatar


Nael Attiyat has over 16 years of experience in the express logistics industry, 13 of which have been spent at DHL, where he began his career in 1996 with DHL Jordan. Since then, he has held several key positions including Country Commercial Manager at both DHL Jordan and DHL Qatar. He was also a Director of Sales, as well as of Marketing & Customer Service at a logistics company in Saudi Arabia. He has been Country Manager of DHL Qatar since June 1, 2012. Attiyat holds a Mini-MBA from Rutgers University in New York and Bachelor’s degree in Geophysics.

Considering your complete offer of logistics solutions, what is the core focus of DHL’s activity in Qatar? Our core focus in Qatar and in all our markets is to offer […]

Considering your complete offer of logistics solutions, what is the core focus of DHL’s activity in Qatar?

Our core focus in Qatar and in all our markets is to offer express solutions that meet customer expectations. We have a strong network, which is in fact the largest in the world, and our know-how and skill help our customers grow their business. These express solutions come down to a commitment to providing our customers with fast, efficient, and secure delivery for all types of goods, accompanied by the ability to track shipments from point of sale (POS) to delivery and arrival at the point of destination. Over the past three decades, we have established a truly diverse customer base dealing with every industry that operates within the country.

What does Qatar represent for a global company such as DHL in terms of market and presence in the MENA region?

The country’s diverse portfolio of businesses represents the various industry verticals that we service. And as the country continues to grow, and its businesses flourish, so too does the demand for reliable and efficient logistics services. In fact, Qatar continues to enjoy high GDP growth and the oil and gas sector have given it the world’s highest per-capita income, while it also boasts the lowest unemployment. Proven oil reserves in excess of 25 billion barrels should enable continued output at current levels for 57 years. Meanwhile, proven reserves of natural gas exceed 25 trillion cubic meters, accounting for more than 13% of the global total, and ranking third largest in the world. Lastly, the country’s preparations for hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup have led to a raft of major infrastructure projects, such as the Doha Metro, Lusail Light Rail System, and many others.

Considering the rapid development of Doha, and of the entire nation, from what sectors are you seeing increased demand?

Qatar has positioned itself as the Middle East’s fastest growing economy. The government’s implementation of its Vision 2030 has not only fuelled its progress, but has also paved the way for every operating industry to strive for excellence and help drive rapid growth. As the country grows, it also develops an accompanying demand for connectivity—and this is where DHL comes in. We support local development by connecting local projects, industries, and companies with the rest of the world through our efficient and hassle-free logistics services. And again, as the State grows, so too, do our services. To date, we are seeing strong demand from the oil and gas segment, as well as from construction and the hospitality sector.

In light of the strong emphasis placed on the environment and sustainability, how do you integrate green policies into your business?

DHL takes its responsibility toward the environment very seriously by focusing on initiatives that reduce climate changing CO2 emissions and the environmental impact of the transportation and storage of goods. In line with this, DHL has implemented an initiative called “GoGreen,” through which the company aims to offer its customers a broad portfolio of green services designed to increase efficiency, while at the same time leaving a smaller carbon footprint; few such services are offered in Qatar. For example, there is our eSIGnature service, which provides increased shipment visibility and a convenient and seamless delivery experience. It also contributes to DHL’s “GoGreen” initiative, as it does away with hard-copy delivery sheets and eliminates the need to print and post hard-copy point of deliveries.



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