Jun. 30, 2015

Aníbal Leite


Aníbal Leite

President, Mota-Engil África Moçambique

TBY talks to Aníbal Leite, President of Mota-Engil África Moçambique, and Mozambique Country Manager of Mota-Engil Engenharia e Construção África, on the company's projects across the country and nurturing competitive advantages.


Having worked at Mota-Engil for 32 years, Aníbal Leite has been the Mozambique country manager of Mota-Engil África since 2012 and President of Mota-Engil África Moçambique, Ltda. since 2014. Prior to holding these positions, he was Managing Director/Administrator of Mota-Engil Betão e Pre-fabricados, Maprel and Qualibetão, Concrete Manager in Mota-Engil Engenharia e Construção, Member of the Administration Board of Mota-Engil Indústria e Inovação, and member of the administration board of Mota-Engil Africa. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering and has had several training classes in Advanced Management in EGP and AESE.

What is the significance of Mozambique for Mota-Engil's overall strategy in Africa?

Mota-Engil África is currently operating in the 11 countries of Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Uganda, and Malawi, having also recently been awarded its largest contract to date; a project in Cameroon worth $3.5 billion regarding the construction of 580km of railway and a deep-water port. This project reiterates Mota-Engil's capacity in the development of integrated solutions and is currently on the stage of finalizing its financing process. We have been present in Mozambique for over 20 years and the country is an important component of Mota-Engil África's growth strategy. Currently Mota-Engil África has a footprint in pretty much all provinces of Mozambique. Furthermore, we have also participated in the construction of the Nacala Corridor in Malawi, which is an excellent example of our technical capacity with regard to projects of such dimension. This year, Mota-Engil África Mozambique, has obtained certification for the design and construction of engineering, infrastructure and building projects, in accordance with ISO 9001:2008–Quality Control Systems, from the Bureau Veritas Certification.

What are the main infrastructure projects of Mota-Engil in Mozambique beyond Maputo?

In general, our infrastructure projects are located beyond Maputo. We are working on a range of projects from roads and railways, to bridges and ports, which involve challenging logistics. For example, we have just finished the Bridge Base Kassuende over the Zambezi River (Tete), which will enable the circulation of people and goods between Mozambique and its neighboring countries. We are also concluding the rehabilitation of a 228km long road, which will link Chimoio to the “Espungabera" border. This road will foster the development of the Manica Province and will have a major impact on the national economy in general. Alongside this, we are also involved in railway projects such as the “Sena line," for which our contribution was of vital importance in the logistical challenge of coal transportation. Furthermore, we are involved in the rehabilitation of the Cuamba-Lichinga railway and on the second phase of construction of the road between Milange and Mocuba. We are also involved in several other infrastructure projects that aim to support the future oil and gas activities in Cabo Delgado.

What are the main real estate projects of Mota-Engil in the country?

Apart from projects that we already have in development, we will soon start two joint ventures of around $50 million. We are executing a flagship project at the center of Maputo–the Platinum Building for real estate developer Promovalor, a prestigious project that will be finished within a particularly short timeline of 20 months.

What is your strategy to set yourself apart from your competitors?

We do not believe in economic success if it is not coupled with technical success. Our size, best practices, and technology represent our huge potential. One of our steps towards differentiation was the recently obtained ISO 9001:2008 quality certification. In particular, due to the fact that we are the first civil engineering company in Mozambique to attain this qualification. Our unparalleled experience in the construction of ports and railways is one of the factors that differentiates us from our competitors, as well as our expertise in precast, concrete, dams, railways, roads, bridges, and civil construction. which are all well documented and available for consultation. Currently, we are investing in the development and training of our national co-workers with projects such as “Crescemos Juntos" (Growing Together) and “StartME – Mozambique". The “Crescemos Juntos" project is a tutorial project where our most experienced foreign co-workers take responsibility for developing core competencies of our local co-workers, build leadership skills, and increases the level of cultural awareness within our group. The StartME project is a program for young graduates, where 20 Mozambicans are currently enrolled in induction. Mota-Engil África Moçambique currently has over 2,000 co-workers and an installed capacity of 500 heavy-duty machines, allowing us a quick response and the fulfillment of deadlines in accordance with national necessities.