The Business Year

Campos De Moya

President, BritCham

The Dominican Republic offers a wide range of business opportunities, where significant returns on investment can be obtained. Some areas of opportunities are: tourism, high technology, IT and communications, contacts (call centers), infrastructure, manufacturing, agribusiness, renewable energy, and the film industry. A good business climate, the political and economic stability that characterizes the country, its strategic location, and its solid legal framework for foreign investments, modern transportation, and telecommunications infrastructure represent part of the appeal that the Dominican Republic offers for developing profitable and successful businesses.The Dominican Republic also offers foreign investment incentives for some sectors such as free trade zones, renewable energy, film production, and others.

Brad Xuan

Country Manager, Huawei

For manufacturers, the Dominican Republic will be a hub in the long term because of other limitations. The Caribbean today, as we understand it, is in the process of economic diversification to spur growth. A key element in this is ICT infrastructure, since an island requires excellent connection to avoid isolation from the wider world. We are in the process of building our presence in the Dominican Republic because we view it as a capability center. We are impressed by the large number of local engineers, many of whom were educated in the US or the UK. In fact, we are in the process of accumulating resources at this center in order to serve Caribbean neighbors that lack a skilled workforce. We have been working with a local university, many students of which are keen to join our workforce and contribute to our strategy.

Salvador J. Demallistre

Executive Director, Salvador J. Demallistre

We have excellent connections with the Caribbean islands, the US, and Central America as a whole. Venezuelan and Colombian companies have also expressed interest in organizing within the Dominican Republic. The FTAs we have with Europe and Central America have made us an attractive base of operations. The current government, enjoying an approval rating of 80%, has a real opportunity to lead the way. The Dominican Republic has a promising future, and ASIEX’s members recognize this. One of our key advantages is our geographic location; we’re in the center of the Caribbean and in close proximity to the US market. If we want to be more effective, we can show the short amount of time in which goods reach the US from here; we can make a good offering for that. In this country, we have 40,000 people working in English-speaking call centers.

Pedro Komatsudani

Country Head, Novartis Caribe

As the economy progresses, the approximately 10 million Dominican citizens have more access to information, and as a result diagnostic standards improve, and the market expands. I think we’re going through a transformation in this market and, as we develop as a country, the population should seek to satisfy the next level of their needs. The first priority is to expand access to quality products. We need to give the right medicine to the right patient, ensuring efficacy, quality, and safety. Sustainable access to medicine requires sufficient healthcare infrastructure, distribution, and financing. Governments play a principal role in addressing these issues. I believe the Dominican Republic has growth opportunities as it develops and modernizes its infrastructure and healthcare provision.

Andrés Zentella Ortega

Vice-President, Bepensa — Coca-Cola

The Bepensa Group has been present in the Dominican Republic since 2006. In that year, Bepensa signed a strategic alliance with Refrescos Nacionales, the bottling company for Coca-Cola and decided to settle in the Dominican Republic. Our decision was motivated by the country’s stability, security, and guaranteed growth, which we considered to be the ideal scenario for our internationalization beyond Mexico. During the past seven years, our extensive experience in the production, bottling, and distribution of non-alcoholic beverages has allowed us to turn Bepensa Dominicana into a leading company, offering quality products that have generated over 2,500 direct and 10,000 indirect jobs, positively reinforcing the industrial sector and national economy in general.



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