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Sayyid Mahdi Ghoreyshi

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Managing Director, Shiva Rasaneh Media Assisting Agency


Sayyid Mahdi Ghoreyshi received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Tehran Islamic Azad University. He started his career in media in 1995 as an industrial photographer and filmmaker and was also engaged in editing documentary programs. In the years that came, he made a wide variety of TV series and historical films. In 2009, he established Shiva Rasaneh, and the company has constantly and consistently been in connection with a large number of foreign newspapers and TV and radio channels, providing them with technical and professional media services.

TBY talks to Sayyid Mahdi Ghoreyshi, Managing Director of Shiva Rasaneh Media Assisting Agency, on assisting foreign media, adapting to technology, and bringing Iran's message to the rest of the world.

How do you assess the development of Shiva Rasaneh and its current role in the media services industry?

We have been fairly active in the media industry, providing technical and media assistance to foreign TV and radio crews, newspapers, and journalists from across the globe for more than a decade. Shiva Rasaneh Company, compared to its counterparts, has significantly fulfilled its clients’ needs and holds an esteemed status among the global media. Our young, energetic, well-experienced, and highly educated staff has proven to be absolutely effective in providing foreign media with audio-visual facilities. Moreover, in terms of our professional background cooperating with a large number of documentary-based companies, Shiva Rasaneh has extensive background in making documentaries as well. We have demonstrated our keen interest in sharing our knowledge and experience with others, too.

How can the media play a role in the internationalization of Iran?

As an effective means of communication, the media can play a crucial role in the world and provide an opportunity to governments to clearly express their ideas and effectively communicate their message to people around the world. It is also worth mentioning that the economy and the media complement each other perfectly and are highly unlikely to survive separately.

What services does Shiva Rasaneh offer to international media outlets?

Our clients, hierarchically speaking, are prioritized and categorized in accordance with their needs. We professionally assist them in meeting their expectations in Iran. We help foreign media with different services and activities. We follow up on the process of issuing and receiving press visas. Moreover, we make media arrangements and fix interviews. We also help get the permissions to work as a journalist. Finally, we provide high-tech studios for live broadcasting. When it comes to offering a comprehensive package of technical and media services, there is no question that Shiva Rasaneh is the right partner. Shiva Rasaneh has had the pleasure of holding interviews with Iranian presidents, parliament spokesmen, and other high-ranking officials. Our company has also been highly privileged to collaborate with a countless number of universally recognized TV channels such as the BBC, CBS, ABC, RT, Al Jazeera, Vice TV, and many more. All these TV channels prefer to work with us, and this growing willingness is the key to our success.

The media has been changing rapidly in the past years and has become more dynamic with the rise of social media. How do you adapt to this new landscape?

The media has a leading role among all industries in conveying news, views, and other messages. News coverage is inseparably tied to the economy and politics. Naturally, politicians all make an effort to clearly get their message across through the help of the media. This is why superpowers have always struggled to gain control over this industry in order to impact public opinion. Similarly, the media can make a great contribution to many business traders to successfully advertise their products and draw people’s attention to purchasing their products. Technological advancement has enabled us to fully satisfy our clients’ expectations. If we had not succeeded in achieving such a goal, undoubtedly we could not have convinced them to stay with us.

What is your outlook for the year ahead?

There are a number of far-sighted and forward-looking people in our company who make wise decisions and formulate our plans. They also evaluate the latest developments in the media industry taking place around the world. By participating in various international and national conferences and festivals, they not only identify accurately the basic needs and requirements most in demand by the media, but also take significant measures to practically apply all these changes and findings to our work. Shiva Rasaneh Company wholeheartedly has put its main concern in its slogan: Delivering impressive performance definitely yields spectacular results.



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