The Business Year

Rubén Almonte

Director General, SkyAngel

In our 12 years of operations, we have consolidated a solid presence in the market. We are the pioneers of virtual custody; before us, guards protected containers with a patrol truck; however, this did not truly offer a differentiator or protect merchandise. We installed GPS in our containers. If they were stolen, we could trace and recover them. We took advantage of new technologies and used them in a practical application for our operations. In just a few years, we were able to consolidate the company. We formed an association called AMESIS with companies of satellite tracing and security in 2007, of which I am vice president. Many were working on cellular technologies for vehicle alarms, but few purely on security. When I was in the government, I worked in areas of intelligence, migration research, and public security of a state. When we set up SkyAngel, we realized a GPS tracking system can also offer a service that can be used for security purposes.

Pedro Sanabria

Director General, Trust Group

Trust Group was founded in 2003 with a training and learning division to service all the companies that hire security services. Their staff and protection agents were not properly trained. Later, our clients asked us to provide security guards; hence, we created new divisions in 2005: physical security and transportation custody. With the creation of these divisions, we acquired licenses to carry arms, which is something that few security companies are able to do in Mexico. We, thus, started gaining more clients, initially by recommendations. Today, we have about 1,000 people in the organization. We have consolidated ourselves in the sector in a brief timeframe. We are not a conventional security company; we can do what other companies cannot, particularly in cases when insecurity has exceeded the company’s capacity. A conventional security company with only unarmed guards cannot repel aggression. We have many success cases, such as Grupo Modelo; since we started providing our services, it has not lost a single can of beer.

Juan Antonio Arambula Martinez

Director General of Private Security, Juan Antonio Arambula Martinez

The National Security Commission is a government entity that is part of the Ministry of Interior. It is focused on ensuring public security in the country and regulating private security companies. Private security, in the preventive aspect, takes on roles that were in the past limited to public security or that are new, such as cybersecurity. Therefore, the work of consultancy and developing software protection is being done by private entities. For this reason, the federal government has the National Private Security Commission to identify and regulate companies that, together with the state, offer security to those that need extra protection. The creation of this sector in Mexico had to do with the industrial security and the prevention of internal losses, starting with guards at access points of the company; later, there were protection measures around the perimeters and other areas of specialization. With globalization, Mexican companies have embarked on a dynamic of modernization and established modern schemes of protection with international firms.

José Luis Garcí­a

Director General, Inter-Con Security

Mexico represents our largest international operation and constitutes 30% of the total volume of the corporation. Our operations in Mexico embody the quality of service that Inter-Con is known for; we recognize that our success stems from strictly adhering to these high standards. Our Mexico operation is the flagship of the company. Our client base has been tremendously diverse and will continue to diversify, considering the opening up of the gas and the energy sector and the Mexican government’s encouragements. The FTA between Mexico, the US, and Canada and the shared border with the US has contributed to the diversification and expansion of our client base as well. The needs of the US population in terms of agricultural products is another factor, as Mexico is one of the largest exporters of agricultural products such as tomato or avocado. In addition to these factors, I foresee a significant growth in real estate.

Benjamin Barona

Director General, Control Seguridad Privada

Formally, we have been in business for 16 years. We saw a business opportunity in supplying formal security services. We started growing, and today we cover almost the entire country with 15 business units in the security industry. 15 years ago, there were a few players in the industry each offering practically the same services: security guards. We considered proposing different private security solutions, such as technology security. We offer our clients new solutions via diverse security models. In terms of image, we have bet large on the Control brand, which has been acknowledged by Super Brands for the second year in a row. We have positioned our brand by distinguishing ourselves from competitors; our patrols cars are matt black and we have invested in our uniforms and guards’ attire. Unfortunately, the industry has an image that needs improvement, which is part of our goal.



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