The Business Year

Rashed A. Al Blooshi

Chief Executive, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX)

Philippe Ghanem

Vice Chairman & CEO, ADS Securities

How have you employed technology to improve services for your customers? Rashed A. Al Blooshi Our main strategy has always been to be the market of choice in the region. […]

How have you employed technology to improve services for your customers?

Rashed A. Al Blooshi Our main strategy has always been to be the market of choice in the region. One of our biggest achievements in 2016 was enabling the blockchain mechanism by implementing it through our e-voting services, which has been highly successful. The objective for 2017 is to make this platform even bigger and expand it to other services in the Exchange. We have built a form of two-way communication into our website to receive information from our clients and send information back to them. We also introduced an app that provides services for investors related to market information, buying, selling, and other trading activities. 2016 was a milestone year from a technological point of view and we are proud of our achievements over this time.

Philippe Ghanem The launch of OREX Mobile, the first-ever multi-asset smartphone trading application with full Arabic language functionality, represents a major investment for ADS Securities designed to enhance the trading experience for professionals and private investors. The launch of OREX Mobile is the natural next step in the evolution of our brokerage business. It is a new way to access our high standard of service combined with market-leading prices and spreads. This is the first mobile trading application designed in the region, for the region, using state-of-the-art technology. It offers international pricing, products, and service, all tailored to the unique requirements of Middle East traders. OREX Mobile is a first in MENA and a major step forward in ensuring that Arabic-language traders have access to the same tier-1 mobile trading technology available around the world.

What do you envision for the near future of the financial sector in Abu Dhabi?

RAAB Abu Dhabi’s profile has increased substantially over the past few years. What we need to do is continue developing our infrastructure and rules and regulations, as well as promoting our strengths. The UAE offers the best platform for Asian businesses trying to access African markets and for African businesses trying to distribute their production in Europe, also for European investors trying to get into both those markets. What we need to do is promote these assets and connect all the players around the globe and strengthen our position as a focal point for finance. Abu Dhabi holds all the potential to be a trusted partner in this regard.

PG Looking forward, ADS will continue to focus on our four core business lines: brokerage (online and offline), debt capital markets, investment banking, and asset and wealth management. Our brokerage business has always served as the engine of our company, and we are continually identifying innovative ways to grow and develop. ADS’ ability to leverage its strong relationships, deep capitalization, and global influence to reach out to bankers, brokers, and LPs to ensure our clients benefit from the deepest liquidity, fastest execution times, and most competitive spreads truly sets us apart. The launch of our Prime of Prime offering earlier this year is filling a market gap in which leading brokerages like us have a role sitting between clients and their own prime brokers, providing access, helping to manage risk, and sharing their credit lines. We also foresee growth for our debt capital markets business. With the low oil price and global tightening of liquidity, corporates will need to raise capital through debt structures.

What impact will the Bankruptcy Law have on the financial market?

RAAB Any investor whether institutional, individual, local, or international that wants to invest in a place or platform seeks security, transparency, good governance, and well-connected rules and regulations; this is where the Bankruptcy Law strengthens the market. We have to speak the same language, use the same mechanisms, and play by the same rules and standards other countries play. The Bankruptcy Law is yet another asset we have placed in our basket, and it will encourage a larger number of investors into the UAE.

How has ADS positioned itself as the partner of choice for financial services?

PG ADS is one of the largest brokerage companies in the world, and the consolidation of the UAE as a global financial hub has worked to our benefit. We have the largest capitalization among brokerage companies globally with USD585 million. This has allowed us to invest in people, technology, and the products we provide to our clients. We have the most advanced trading platforms, which is vital when markets are going through major moves and corrections.



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