Jul. 11, 2021

Sean Kelly


Sean Kelly

Project Director, Place Vendôme

What has been your experience in recent years?

2019 was the year of the big things. We completed the 13 major skylights meaning we had effectively made the building watertight. We completed the majority of the external trunk utilities, which meant that later in 2019 we were able to connect the cooling, power and water systems. These were big milestones and of particular interest to our retailers and their fit out planning. Our focus in early 2020 was authority approvals, and we spent considerable energy getting ready for this. These landlord major approvals are a prerequisite for the tenants to be able to get theirs so it was vital. COVID-19 was a major speed bump in our opening strategy. While the work progress slowed somewhat, we felt the major impact through our retailers. We significantly amplified our communication to them with the result that all were in support of the opening to be planned for September 2021.

What makes Lusail the perfect location for replicating the original Place Vendôme?

I would not agree it is a replica but rather Place Vendôme 2.0 the modern, fresh, and contemporary version in the most vibrant community in the world. When we first presented our idea of Place Vendôme 2.0 we had significant buy-in from the world's major retailers like LVMH, Kering, and Richemont. It is an often repeated truism, but location is everything. Brands could see that Lusail was not only in the right country, in the right city, and in the right district but also the quantum and the quality of infrastructure meant it was a no-brainer in terms of location. Then our job was to define, create, and deliver the right product for Lusail. It was clear it needed to be a destination that would resonate with the well-travelled Qatari consumer, the local family market, and all those in between.