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Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi

QATAR - Economy

Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi

Director General, Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI)


Over the past 20 years, Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi has been successfully involved in the establishment and development of several basic works in QCCI’s efforts to enhance the private sector fields in Qatar. He represents the chamber in several local, regional, and global business and trade events and conferences. He holds a master’s degree in business administration. Over the course of his career, Al Sharqi has received many distinguished certificates. He has improved the chamber’s administrative and technical system and enhanced its capabilities with governmental ministries. He also established the chamber’s exhibition, which organized several successful expos inside and outside the country.

QCCI focuses on representing the Qatari private sector locally and globally as well as supporting the country's economic activities and productivity.

How does QCCI serve new sectors being developed in Qatar?
The chamber assists companies in the fields of market research, trade fair participation, and delegation visits and provides support and general services to its members. In addition, it also encourages members to invest in non-traditional sectors and innovation-based projects in line with the country’s policy aiming to build a more knowledge-based economy. To do so, QCCI promotes its liaison and coordination with the concerned authorities in the county in order to streamline procedures of establishing businesses and offer more incentives for these new sectors. QCCI’s sectorial committees play a key role in this regard. These panels hold regular meetings with officials of concerned bodies to review means of developing new sectors and eradicating any obstacles facing their progress. During the siege imposed on the country for more than two years, Qatar has made significant progress in the area of self-sufficiency thanks to the progress made in the industrial and agricultural sectors. Structural changes have been made to the economy in order to diversify it, focusing on industrialization, diversification of opportunities, and the development of the industrial and agricultural sectors. The numerous large-scale investments in various sectors are proof of the growing attractiveness of the Qatar market and the success of combined efforts exerted by all bodies, including QCCI.

How do you integrate with other governmental institutions, like Single Window or the Qatar Free Zone Authority (QFZA)?
Building positive relations with all governmental bodies in the country, like Single Window or QFZA, is one of the chamber’s priorities. The chamber is an active member of many joint committees with governmental authorities and ministries to review issues related to the private sector and solve any obstacles facing our members. We also forward the private sector’s views regarding issues or laws to these bodies. Beyond any doubt, the strong communication and integration with these bodies has a positive impact on the progress and development of the private sector in general. This also contributes to facilitating business procedures and promoting Qatar as an attractive destination for business and investments. The integration between the country’s different institutions has a significant impact on all sectors, especially industry. It helps establish the procedures and mechanisms necessary for the development of this vital sector.

What are your main strategies in place to increase international awareness of Qatar for investors?
Qatar is on the right track to build a diversified economy that is open for foreign investments. One of the most important missions of QCCI is to promote Qatar as an attractive business and investment hub for companies from around the world. Over the past years, the chamber has stepped up its efforts to strengthen economic and trading ties by establishing channels for dialogue between Qatari companies and their global counterparts. It also organizes high-level trade missions for Qatari businessmen in other countries and hosts meetings with foreign trade delegations to inform them of the business opportunities available in the Qatari market, as well as the incentives offered for investors by the government. Other activities carried out by the chamber include participating in international fairs such as Hanover Fair and World Chamber Congress to raise awareness about Qatar as a hub for international investments.

What will be the next steps for QCCI in 2020?
We have many important projects to accomplish in the coming year, including hosting the Halal Conference and Expo as well as the eighth edition of Made in Qatar, which will be held in Kuwait. We will also implement an inclusive improvement of our website to include many additional e-services with a view to helping our members to apply all chamber’s services online. We also will issue the Qatar Exporters Directory to promote SMEs and exporting companies, as well as help them gain access to all world markets. It will be distributed to trade delegations visiting the chamber and embassies and diplomatic missions to Qatar and introduced to commercial chambers around the world.



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