Apr. 3, 2019

Sanaa Ouahmane


Sanaa Ouahmane

General Manager, Almana Rent A Car Hertz-Qatar & Almana Used Cars

In addition to providing rental services, Almana Rent A Car-Hertz has established long-term lease options in response to market demand.


Sanaa Ouahmane started her automotive career in France in 2004 with Hertz Corporation, before moving to Qatar in 2011, when she was appointed as General Manager of Almana Rent A Car Hertz-Qatar. She is the first and only female leader to direct one of the largest automotive companies in the Middle East. Under her management, Almana Rent A Car Hertz was recognized as the best car rental company by Rentals.com and Business Traveler for three consecutive years. In 2018, she was recognized as Successful Business Woman by Moroccan Press Agency, Best Business Woman in Qatar Automotive sector by Al Raya-Q-Auto, and a Hertz Woman of Character by Hertz International. In 2017, Almana Group appointed her as Used Cars General Manager in addition to Hertz Qatar General Manager.

What have been Hertz's major developments?

Almana Rent A Car-Hertz was established in Qatar in 1993. Hertz specializes in short-term rental. The company offers various packages, such as Super Cover, internet connection (MiFi devices), GPS, child seats, and additional driver, in addition to chauffeur-driven service and corporate deals. In Qatar, we had to enhance the rental car business as per the market requirements in order to meet our customers' needs. We also developed a long-term lease option for companies, for whom Hertz offers brand-new vehicles with the provision of all facilities at their premises, such as Hertz outlets, which are small workshops for maintenance and routine car. These workshops are operated by a team that is made up of a fleet supervisor, drivers, cleaners, and mechanics. Comparitively, Hertz's quality control and fast service differentiate it from the rest of the competition.

How would you assess Hertz's fleet in Qatar in terms of maintaining it in line with market trends?

Quality control and safety are our major features and motto, and as an international franchisee, we have rules and policies. As part of the standards of Hertz international for franchisees, the maximum age of vehicles is 24 months. However, in short-term rentals, if a vehicle reaches a high mileage, it will be de-fleeted even if it is less than a year old. Furthermore, our short-term rental fleet frequently undergoes thorough inspection by our quality control team. Ensuring customer experience and security are our concern and responsibility, and we are committed to guaranteeing them.

What will be Hertz's focus in Qatar for 2019?

At Hertz Qatar, we have to find and create opportunities rather than wait for them. With that in mind, there will be a fair bit of potential in 2019, as another international franchisee under the Hertz umbrella will join the group. This will come as a strategy to expand our share in the market between both multinational and local rental car companies in Qatar. In 2019, Hertz will focus more on premium fleet vehicles that embrace a superior and advanced quality service. Furthermore, the new franchisee will also provide excellent fleet while maintaining affordable and competitive prices for both categories. Strong growth also requires strong management, and we are doing our utmost to ensure that we are planning effectively and strategically for growth, accounting for the needs of all stakeholders, and using the most advanced technologies in the process. Technological advancements, along with the expansion of leading car rental companies in developing regions, will foster demand for car rental services, especially as the 2022 FIFA World Cup inches closer.