Nov. 29, 2016

César Candela Jara


César Candela Jara

Associate, Z&C Abogado

TBY talks to César Candela Jara, Associate at Z&C Abogados, on the importance of foreign expertise in Peru, harnessing public sector knowledge, and areas with huge potential for growth of the legal sector.


César Candela Jara is Associate at Z&C Abogados. Previously, he has been an advisor in the Presidential Office on Public Management (2006-2011) and member of the Governing Board of the Superintendent of State Procurement-OSCE (2009-2011), an entity in charge of the regulation and supervision of public tenders. He has also served as an advisor in the National Parliament (2000-2006) in matters of administrative law and public management. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of San Martín de Porres with a master's in public management and various specialisation courses.

How did you first start Z&C Lawyers and how has the firm positioned itself in the Peruvian legal sector?

After working for more than 20 years in the public and private sectors, César Candela and César Zavala decided to form Z&C Abogados in order to offer their services to local and international private companies looking to strengthen their relations with the public sector. Sine then our firm has grown 20% every year. We offer our clients the expertise of our associates and law professionals.

What is your main client profile?

Our clients are from various countries, including Spain, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, the US, and Italy, among others. They come to us for support in building branches or subsidiaries, legal advice on tax, corporate, labor, customs, contract, tenders, private, and public initiatives, arbitration, and other areas of law.

How would you characterize the regulatory environment for international companies looking to do business in Peru?

For any company that wants to start operations or develop its business in Peru, there is an attractive legal framework and legal stability necessary to ensuring that its rights are respected at all times. Business opportunities in Peru are extraordinary. The public sector has billions of dollars to invest in infrastructure (roads, bridges, hospitals, schools), but it needs companies to come that can provide expertise, technology, and a high level of human resources. As a developing country and one of the strongest economies in South America, we also deal with bureaucracy through the enactment and approval of laws that accelerate the procedures any investor must deal with.

What is the importance of your affiliations with international legal associations and chambers of commerce for the firm's business?

Our firm is affiliated with several chambers of commerce in addition to the international association of lawyers. These are excellent ways to expand our capacity to work with foreign companies interested in developing activities in our country, expanding our network of contacts and, of course, working to the renown of our firm's good name.

What are the advantages of working with a local legal partner for international companies doing business in Peru?

Undoubtedly, a national law firm guarantees a certain level of knowledge and expertise of how local public entities function that is otherwise inaccessible. It also guarantees an expertise of the criteria used by public servants, which in many cases goes accordingly with their education and professional capacity.

What distinguishes Z&C Lawyers from other firms offering similar services?

To begin with, our partners offer advisory services directly and personally. Secondly we have extensive experience in the public sector, with several of our lawyers having had the opportunity to work directly with the President of the Republic between 2006 and 2011. We have also held positions in other public entities such as the National Parliament and Directories.