Mar. 30, 2019

Morteza Dalir


Morteza Dalir

Vice President, Hassanesco

Established in 1967, Hassanesco has expanded into a group of companies that has undertaken successful projects for both the public and private sectors.


Morteza Dalir is a Qatar born entrepreneur educated in the US with a vision to transform Hassanesco into a leading contracting company in the Qatari market.

What have been some of the company's key projects?

The company is owned by a Qatari entrepreneur, with a solid reputation in the region. We have signed off on the police training institute, new ministry buildings, three schools, and a huge number of private and government developments. The company's turnover exceeds QAR1 billion per year as a contractor, and as a group exceeds QAR2.5 billion. The company employs 6,000 people in Qatar, and we have a diverse workforce. A large number of assets are 100%-owned by the company. We deliver a quality project that fulfills each aspect of our customers' desires. We also have an excellent safety track record and just hit 4 million hours without a major incident, which is a major milestone. Since the blockade, we have focused more on manufacturing, having acquired a number of factories. All the projects we are currently working on were awarded after the blockade. We are committed to sustaining local businesses and local manufacturing units and have worked to utilize Qatari firms to bolster their economic health. We have our own manufacturing and assembly processes as well, and have made huge investments in these areas. The plan is to have the largest aluminum plant in the region within five years. We have a number of concrete plants, a ductwork factory, two carpentry workshops that produce high-quality wooden doors, and other companies that provide valuable supply services. These companies can also supply other local contractors. This allows us to supply projects across the country.

Which business opportunities has Qatar's industrial revival created for the construction sector?

Since the blockade, many new factories have been established. This is especially true when it comes to daily-use products. While we can, and do, build such factories, they do not produce the materials or products we need for our own core business. However, the company has a huge farm that produces foodstuffs for the open market. We have not mass-produced in volume, but are working to build our capacity, which is part of our investment portfolio. One of the main reasons why the local market has been successful since the blockade has been the effort put into making the economy sustainable. We have put considerable resources into finding solutions to problems being faced and have engineered many solutions. It has cost us more sometimes, though we have maintained same quality levels. This speaks to the strength of the business community and the creativity of the nation as a whole. We decided to not go around the blockade, but to tackle it head-on by reengineering and redesigning our economy and business. This has worked well, to the extent that we have added QAR500 million to our order books as a result and expect to add a further QAR1.6 billion. Competition is getting tougher, though we have the criteria for success. This has been helpful in stimulating business and growing our workforce and operations. Retaining, training, and acquiring great staff has also been important for us. Our focus on acquiring great companies to help us execute has also been a key to our success.

What are Hassanesco's priorities for 2019?

We are qualified for a number of major government projects. We want to maintain our current clients and remain a part of the local economy's success. We will continue working with local companies and the government on its projects. We want to be a part of the airport expansion and have our own private investment portfolio that we intend to expand. We also own a small hotel. Our strategy is to maintain growth and local manufacturing, and we are keen to retain and develop our staff. Our ultimate goal is to become the preeminent choice for contracting in the country. We want to first contribute to the local market and show off the ability of Qatari companies to compete at the international level. 2019 promises to be a busy year for us.