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Rami Mousilli

SAUDI ARABIA - Green Economy

Operates over 30% of Saudi water and wastewater infrastructure

CEO, Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies


Rami Moussilli, a professional civil engineer with over 20 years of experience, has served as CEO of Alkhorayef Water and Power since 2014 responsible for its exponential growth and implementing several strategic international partnerships. A post graduate with a degree in Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, he spent a substantial period of his career, as VP and COO, leading major consortiums and joint ventures executing numerous high profile mega projects in the United States ranging from critical international airport expansions, state wide infrastructure upgrade & rehabilitation program management, and privatized transportation projects. In Saudi Arabia, he led major combined cycle power plant projects. He has financial, legal and operational expertise to run large scale businesses, consortium and joint venture formation, acquisitions, and full scale executive management of water, power, and critical infrastructure fields.

"AWPT operates over 30% of Saudi water and waste water infrastructure in 40 towns and cities."

What have been some of the key achievements carried out by AlKhorayef Water and Power Technologies in recent years?

Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies (AWPT) is a vital player in the Saudi water and wastewater market for over three decades. We managed in recent years, to assert ourselves as the leading O&M and EPC contractor in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our lead in the market derived from a sustainable operational philosophy encompassing strong code of ethics, performance driven management, and deep subject matter expertise. This accountable approach resulted in high credibility, name recognition, and made Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies the go to contractor in Saudi market.

How would you characterize your client base and, looking ahead, in what ways will you be exploring new opportunities throughout the market?

Throughout the years, we managed to widen our client base by providing quality and timely services in employing creative solutions that revolve around the client, and the end user alike. We are currently the lead water and wastewater operator for governmental and semi-governmental sector namely Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture and National Water Company (NWC). AWPT operates over 30% of Saudi water and waste water infrastructure in 40 towns and cities serving critical needs of large portion of population.
In addition to the O&M arm, AWPT possess advanced integrated EPC capabilities proven by the successful and timely completion of numerous challenging projects throughout the kingdom. As the water market dynamics is changing drastically in Saudi by shifting towards privatization, AWPT is in prime position to invest and pursue Public-Private Partnerships, Concessions, BOT, BOO, ROT and other contract schemes to implement its long-term growth strategy. We are actively going after privatization of green and brownfield Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), Water Treatment and Desalination Plants, Water Wells, Storm, Water and Sewer Networks.
In addition to the above, Alkhorayef Water and Power is leveraging its position as part of a diversified manufacturing and commercial group of companies to penetrate the renewable energy field in the Kingdom.

How do international partnerships fit into your overall growth strategy?

Given the demanding nature of Privatization and Public-Private Partnership projects, we believe a truly integrated partnership between local and international firms are the cornerstone prerequisite for the successful implementation of the same. In this sense, we implemented strategic partnerships with some of the internationally recognized industry leaders in the water sector. We always seek for compatible partners where we can integrate our local know-how with their international expertise, apply latest cutting edge technologies, increase efficiencies and formulate a competitive financial structure. These partnerships resulted in the successful acquisition, execution and operations of several high-profile projects.

Which factors are helping establish Saudi Arabia as a prime investment destination in the water and power fields?

In addition to the population growth estimate to reach over 31 million by 2017, along with the industrial expansion and sprawling development, this caused ever-increasing demand to increase efficiency and capacity upgrade of current Saudi Arabia’s water and power infrastructure. The national transformation program NTP 2020 was mandated to fulfill the requirement of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to make the kingdom a global investment powerhouse and an epicenter of trade as a global hub connecting Europe, Asia, and Africa. This called for a substantial increase in non-oil revenues and export by diversifying the economy, increasing efficiencies, and meeting the demands for expansion. In line with these targets, the relevant governmental and semi-governmental bodies underwent complete restructuring to meet these goals and improve current baseline across all aspects of operations and services rendered. For the power sector, the mandate to diversify the energy mix has driven the governmental bodies to initiate grid integrated renewable energy projects on a wide scale which would contribute to cutting air pollution, reducing fossil fuel consumption and contribute to peak load demand. Vis-í -vis, on the water sector side, the targets to reduce water loss, increasing efficiencies, raise the tariff to cover actual cost, increase service coverage and meet future demands has opened-up the field for vast and wide ranging privatization initiative. The restructuring of Water and Power sector and privatization initiative undertaken by the Kingdom to address the solution to these issues and to meet Vision 2030 target goals are materializing through several major BOT, ROT, BOO in the brownfield and greenfield projects. Moreover, Saudi Arabia enjoys a high credit rating, stability and the required regulatory platform to facilitate implementation of PPPs. This presents wealth of opportunities, rarely available in this magnitude in other countries, making Saudi Arabia a prime investment in the water and power fields. Alkhorayef Water and Power, as one of the leading and long standing Saudi firms, we see ourselves as key players to materialize the implementations of Saudi Vision 2030 goals. Our experience in the market, vast resources, strong financial capabilities, diversified scope, strong track record, commitment to quality and efficient organization made us a prime candidate to formulate strategic international partnerships and make reaching Vision 2030 goals in water and power sectors ever more achievable.

What are your expectation for the year ahead (2017)?

Our strategic goal for the year ahead and the future is to maintain our lead by continuing to expand our market share and formulate strategic partnerships with governmental and international stakeholders. We are anticipating several BOT, ROT, BOO, and concessions to be let out this year and the year ahead which would be our main focus to transport Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies into a major developer in the region.



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