Sep. 25, 2020

Raphael Abi Chahine


Raphael Abi Chahine

Managing Director, Smooth & Fast

Smooth & Fast Limited was established in 2019 as the sole distributor of Protection-Pro, global leader in on-demand screen protection for all screens.


Ralph Abi Chahine moved to Nigeria in 2006 after completing his MBA in marketing studies. He also holds a BA in accounting. He joined Red Bull - Arizona Trading Ltd. for almost two years as national sales manager and was later with Channel IT Limited. In 2009, Chahine and his two brothers established Unireach Ltd, a logistics business managed by a team of professionals where he is the executive director. In addition, he is the Managing Director of Smooth & Fast Ltd, the sole distributor in Nigeria and West Africa of Protection Pro products, the number-one screen cut on demand screen protection in the world.

One of your latest introductions into the market is Smooth & Fast. Can you elaborate on how the product came into existence and its functionality for mobile users in the country?
We established Smooth & Fast Limited in 2019 as the sole distributor of Protection-Pro, the latest nano technology and global leader in on-demand screen protection for all types, both low and high-end mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, laptops, and so on. Developed and manufactured by Madico Inc. in the US, one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative window film, coating, metallizing, and laminate solutions, Protection-Pro was launched in 2014, and we are excited and proud to introduce it to the Nigerian market as well as other countries in Africa. With the technology in hand, we can instantly produce and apply a Protection-Pro screen protector for any device in just two to three minutes. It is now available in major retailers and phone outlets in Lagos. We are in the process of expanding to cover other states in Nigeria. The technology and Protection-Pro are NASA approved and currently applied on all kinds of screens and devices.

What opportunities are present in the Nigerian market that will encourage growth for Smooth & Fast, and what are the benefits of your product for mobile phone users?
Every smart device owner, whether used for business, social networking, or both, wants his device screen to be protected to the maximum; it is like protecting a small-scale investment. We all used to buy pre-cut, off-the-shelf tempered glass products and had to change it almost every month; these days are gone. We offer long-term protection, with no ugly, embarrassing, cracked, or shattered screens. All these users in the Nigerian market are potential customers; Protection-Pro serves the masses. Our application is cut-on-demand film and has more than 23,000 mobile designs built in, which means we can protect phones that are more than 10 years old all the way to the latest ones. We can have the design and cut of a newly launched device ready for our clients within 24 hours after launching, which is part of the support we get from the manufacturers, Madico Inc. US. The high-quality clear film is only 0.2mm thick, representing the slickest and smoothest shield on the market; strong and impact resistant; sensitive, maintaining screen responsiveness; flexible around curved edges; self-healing for minor scratches and abrasions; and available in both glossy and matte finishes.

Mobile phone users are projected to grow to 34.3% of the population by 2023. Considering this, what strategies are you implementing to increase penetration and accessibility into the market and expand your consumer base?
Smooth & Fast's business module for Protection-Pro is designed to be retail friendly, and our goal is to reach and cover most retailers and mobile shops across Nigeria. The benefits of working with our brand for retailers are generating sales immediately, freeing shelf space, the availability of any design, on-demand simple inventory, and working with the leader in on-demand protection and the fastest design team in the business.

What are Smooth & Fast's key plans and priorities for 2020?
We have clear and strong marketing strategies and plans to approach the rest of the Nigerian market, now that we have started in Lagos. Our ultimate goal is to see our outstanding product protecting as many smart devices out there as possible and to have a business presence in most retail and mobile shops nationwide and be the leader in the screen protection industry in Nigeria and Africa, just like other distributors are doing in other markets globally.