Sep. 23, 2019

Saad Saad


Saad Saad

CEO, Professional Learning Center (PLC)

What experience do you offer at PLC?

PLC—a learning institute founded in 2010—offers several internationally recognized educational programs for both children and adults and currently operates in Lebanon, Jordan, the UAE, Oman, Iraq and Syria. PLC is the exclusive representative in Lebanon and several countries in the MENA region of several British institutes including “Pi-Top” for coding (ages 10 to 24), “SAM Labs” for coding (ages 5 to 9), and direct English for learning the English language in addition to UCMAS Brain Development program - Malaysia.

What is the state of integration of technology in the public school curriculum?

Lebanon's curriculum used in public schools is old and not interactive, but we are working to modify this. We are offering solutions to the Ministry of Education to improve public school curricula, and the minister has shown willingness to engage with us. PLC plays an important role in fostering the cultural shift in schools by integrating the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) curriculum to their current one. This alteration aims to turn the traditional lecture course to an active course based on learning by making, project-based projects, and real-life problem-solving strategies.

What are your goals and expectations for 2019?

We want to implement our Model Classroom of the Future in both public and private schools and to find successful agreement with the Ministry of Education. Our main goal is to let the learner become ready to face the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its associated technologies (such as AI, bioengineering, and computer science, for example) and will be able to confront the future market demands. We want to build a competitive young population for tomorrow. PLC is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.