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Anvar Anvarli


Price of Luxury

Executive Director, Porsche Azerbaijan


Anvar Anvarli is Executive Director of Porsche Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan has seen interesting developments in terms of high-end car use and competitive auto racing, which culminated in the Baku World Challenge race in November 2013. What were the most […]

Azerbaijan has seen interesting developments in terms of high-end car use and competitive auto racing, which culminated in the Baku World Challenge race in November 2013. What were the most significant highlights of 2013?

The automobile market in Azerbaijan is remarkably rich and promising. For this reason, Azerbaijan has a special place based on the volume of its sales in the world automobile market. Hosting world famous events such as City Challenge and Baku World Challenge (FIA GT finals) is also an indication of the importance of the automotive sector in the country. The most important and the most exciting event of 2013 for the Porsche Center Baku was the launch of the new product improvement, the new Porsche Panamera. This particular model is unique and effective in this segment.

How would you assess Azerbaijani consumers’ appetite for high-end cars?

The number of purchases of luxury automobiles has been increasing exponentially over recent years. The willingness to pay for these cars has always been high among our consumers. This is definitely associated with the country’s growing economic development.

What advances has Porsche made in 2013 in terms of increasing its customer base and its product offering?

Potential customers for the newer models offered by Porsche A.G are no longer limited to age. This in fact makes the Porsche brand unique and favorite among our potential customers in Azerbaijan.

What are you looking to achieve in these areas in 2014?

As a reliable Porsche partner, we are confident that in 2014 we will be able to introduce new models specifically for sports car fans. Initially we will introduce the new compact SUV named the Porsche Macan, the first such model in the whole range. We are confident that the introduction of this model in Azerbaijan will be the beginning of a brand-new segment among automobile enthusiasts.

As the Azerbaijani population becomes wealthier, what are the prospects for auto dealers in the coming years?

The exponential increase in the financial status of Azerbaijani population is leading to the development of various sectors of the economy, including the automobile segment. This development will play a major role in increasing the quantity and quality of potential Porsche customers and fans. Therefore, we are confident in setting goals to further expand our customer base in these specific conditions.

How is Porsche seeking to stand out from other high-end auto brands in Azerbaijan?

Porsche is already different from the other automobile brands represented in Azerbaijan. This is mainly due to the quality, safety, and reliability of the Porsche model range. In addition, a more customer-centric approach in our showroom and after-sales service will definitely make a difference for other luxury brands.

President Ilham Aliyev was voted in for a third term last year. What do you expect this new term will bring to the Azerbaijani economy?

The year ended successfully for the Porsche Center Baku, as President Ilham Aliyev was elected for his third term. We are confident that our country will continue to successfully pursue its goals and thrive as a valued partner in all international relations. As Porsche Center Baku, we wish success to President Ilham Aliyev in all his activities during his presidency and we are confident that this success will be reflected in the automotive industry.



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