Jun. 21, 2018

Sheikh Sabah IV Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah


Sheikh Sabah IV Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah

Amir, Kuwait

Sheikh Sabah IV Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Amir of Kuwait, is hopeful that young people will be a part of Kuwait's solution to today's global challenges such as security and climate change.

I feel deep satisfaction and pleasure regarding what was produced by the results of ambitious young people who raise the feelings of hope and optimism in building of our dear country. I would also in this regard like to acknowledge the constructive role played by the public and private media in the embodiment of democratic practice and encouragement of citizens to perform their national duty and to promote a positive approach to our core issues.

I have warned of the magnitude of the challenges that hinder our progress and our permanent pursuit in protecting our national security and stability, while working to make citizens happy, preserve their dignity, and ensure a decent future for them and generations to come. It is a matter of serious concern that these dangers and challenges have escalated and increased. Terrorism has reached our peaceful and safe country, trying to ignite the fire of strife and violating our national unity.

The growing phenomenon of terrorism has spread throughout countries and societies under different names and extremist slogans, in an unprecedented phenomenon, thus threatening security and stability and targeting the lives of innocent people. The State of Kuwait is aware of the danger of terrorism and its evil motives, and stands united in solidarity with the international community in fighting terrorism in all its forms and working to dry its sources to eradicate this dangerous phenomenon. The above-mentioned fears and dangers require more caution, solidarity, and cohesion to preserve the security and safety of our nation.
We look forward, with hope and anticipation, to overcoming the recent developments in our region and to create an atmosphere for resolving the unfortunate differences and bridging the rift with dialog and communication, in view of solid historical ties and common interests that bring together the GCC states and their peoples. We must exert every possible effort to preserve this Gulf entity to remain cohesive and realize the hopes and aspirations of its peoples. We pray to the Almighty that the sincere efforts succeed in preserving our Gulf States and their peoples, and to avoid all that disturbs our strong relations and threaten our security and safety.

Regarding the relationship with Iran, at the time, we recognize the importance of establishing a constructive dialog between our countries and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and for the success and the continuity of this dialog we underline that it should be based on the principles of international law governing relations among nations, which provides for the respect of state sovereignty, good neighboring, and non-interference in internal affairs.

If it is our destiny to bear responsibility in these difficult conditions in the region, we will deal with our surroundings and with the world in its Arabic and Islamic dimensions and its regional and international framework. We remain committed to our usual moderate approach as a bridge of peace and love for the good of humanity and human progress. It is the time to move to a new phase of cooperation between the GCC countries that rises to the challenges at various levels and embodies the unity, and strengthens their cohesion to achieve comprehensive development to the peoples of these countries and to preserve their sovereignty, security, and stability.

There is no doubt that sustainable development is our first and supreme goal in the present and future. It is the permanent challenge that decides the fate of our country and society.
The priority of security issues, economic and financial reforms, and confronting the scourge of corruption does not mean forgetting the other ills that our nation suffers and the chronic diseases that impair our society. On the top of that comes the need to develop and increase interest in youth, to listen to them, to share with them, to teach them about moderation, to lead them away from extremism, to educate them to accept the differences and other opinions, and to promote the spirit of cooperation and teamwork. We must open the doors for young people and find true jobs for the tens of thousands that enter the labor market every year.
Kuwait assured its commitment in participating with the international community in supporting the efforts of the UN to control climate change through its active and continuous participation in negotiations to reduce the negative effects to this phenomenon, based on the principles and provisions of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and subsequent Paris Agreement. We strive to implement these as mandatory legal instruments and view them as a basis for mutual cooperation, taking in consideration the differing burdens and capacities and levels of sustainable development in developing countries.