Mar. 30, 2019

Saeed Salem  Al-Mohannadi


Saeed Salem Al-Mohannadi

Chairman, Seashore Group of Companies

Seashore Group of Companies is at the forefront of Qatar's pipeline development, and is set to benefit from government efforts to expand work at the North Field.

How would you assess the company's position and developments over the last 30 years?

Seashore Group of Companies started as a small company, with 14 employees. Our first important project was construction in the port of Qatar. When we completed the port project, we expanded to almost 200 people and a large equipment base. With our equipment and expanded manpower, we were able to take on projects in Qatar from the beginning to the end. We became fairly stable in terms of our financing and industry knowledge. When Qatar's oil and gas sector boomed, we established our second company to keep up with the country's construction needs. We started a factory for waste management, and are currently responsible for nearly 70% of waste removal and processing. We have a fleet of almost 700 trucks and are the major player in this area within the country. We work closely with the government and are interested in pursuing similar long-term policy goals. Over the last 30 years, we have developed numerous companies to keep us abreast of national developments and now have 18 companies. Additionally, we also export steel to 30 countries, especially after the blockade. We export to the UK, Jordan, Dubai, Italy, Pakistan, India, and many others.

What major projects have you completed in Qatar?

We are working hard to help the government develop its undersea pipelines. Specifically, we have a contract to manufacture equipment to repair the pipeline infrastructure, and work is currently ongoing. We are the first company in the Middle East with these specific and specialized equipment possibilities. We also manufacture steel in the country. We have fully automated plants and currently manufacture around 400 tons of steel per day. Additionally, we have plans to increase capacity. As the World Cup approaches, there will be more demand for steel. We are now in the midst of pipe manufacturing in some of our newer plants. Manufacturing in Qatar has clear advantages. The country's constructions sector demands materials, and there are countries in the region where these materials can also be exported. Energy prices are also low, and the manpower is extremely competent.

How will the expansion of the North Field affect your operations in the coming years?

We welcome these initiatives by the government to expand its energy production, as it has a tremendous spillover effect on the economy and the companies working in the country. The last few years have been quiet, though we are hopeful about the upcoming projects. We support the government's efforts, and the government is also keen to support business and development. We are pleased to have such ambitious projects announced in this environment. The government is supportive of industry, and industry is supportive of it. We are particularly well positioned to capitalize on these new projects because we have a great deal of experience and know-how in this area. We have been handling some of the most important projects in the country, and we have a high standard of development.

What types of new projects are you currently involved in?

We have been involved in number of new projects in a few areas, particularly environmental protection. We are working on ensuring that environmental waste is handled in a proper way. We are taking our technology and know-how from different countries. We have brought technology from India and New Zealand, and we have seen important success thus far. In the last few years, Qatar has developed a great deal in terms of technology.

What will be the priorities for Seashore group in 2019?

We will focus on optimizing our own operations. Seashore Group of Companies is composed of numerous respected companies, and I am dedicated to making sure our operations are as effective as possible. We are competing with ourselves to operate as optimally as we can. We will continue to pursue strong relations with investors and potential partners.