Jul. 15, 2021

Pilar García


Pilar García

Director General, Salesforce

Salesforce ensures its technology is available to all customers no matter their size or sector, helping them better connect with their customers.


Pilar García is Director General at Salesforce and is responsible of leading the business units of the company in the country, as well as help clients adapt to the digital transformation and improve client experience. She joined the company in 2018 as vice president of cloud sales in Latam. She has solid experience in IT and has overseen leadership positions in other companies like Oracle and HP. She has a degree in industrial administration and an MBA from ITAM.

What were the main achievements of Salesforce in Mexico in the past year?

Our biggest achievement was our people, namely keeping them engaged, motivated, healthy, and living our customer success values, innovation, trust, and equality during the pandemic. Since March 2020, we have worked remotely. Fortunately, as a tech company, it was easy to have the elements to start working remotely, though the first change was an important shift in our mindsets. The concern at the beginning was that customers would not be available to connect with us; however, after a few months, customers were more open to having conversations remotely, and for us, that was an achievement. Salesforce had a great plan from the top executives worldwide. The main focus was to secure regular communication with all employees to understand the next steps and give certainty to us all. Along the way, the company responded quickly to customers' proposals to maintain that connection. In parallel, we started preparing a solution called Work.com that allows a company to plan its return to the office in a hybrid way. Another achievement was that we were able to demonstrate Salesforce's values of customer success and trust. We took care of our customers by reviewing their conditions and renegotiating new ones to allow them to meet their commitments with us. In general, the culture and value proposition in the market were consistent with our core values.

How have you adapted your services to become more accessible for smaller companies?

In reality, we attend to all customers. We are the promoter and creator of the cloud, which was revolutionary 21 years ago, and with this, we have democratized the technology. New advances and launches of technology are available to both large customer enterprises and tiny entrepreneurs. We are the leader in the CRM market and all solutions related to customer relationships. Salesforce's mission is to help companies build a close relationship with their customers using the best technology available such as social media, AI, mobile, and the cloud.

Can you tell us how the Vaccine Cloud will be used in Mexico?

It was launched worldwide recently, and it can also help Mexico, so we are committed to helping institutions make an impact. We are on track to see how we can make a joint effort with our commitment to society. Our CEO is leading a movement worldwide in the economic forum about inclusive capitalism where companies are responsible for helping societies and not only shareholders. We are committed to working together with society and the government to control and trace users and programs. We launched the communication in February, and there has been a positive response as it is critical and relevant. I hope in the coming months we can see how this program is advancing, as every country has its own strategy to follow; however, we are open to being involved in this and other programs. In terms of philanthropy, we perform voluntary work and are heavily committed to equality for women. The Human Rights organization recognized us as a certified company in quality and is inclusive in terms of gender preference.

What will be your main goals and priorities for 2021?

The pandemic has accelerated the digitalization process for companies, so we want to continue to help these companies retain their customers and address more markets in a digital format. The main shift is that today most companies have silos of information that are not integrated, which is one of the capabilities that Salesforce provides: one single source of information for customers to provide consistent and personalized experiences. We want to help companies better connect with their customers that are personalized and accessible by all employees on a single screen. The main goal is to help the customers connect and solve the gaps they have internally with all the channels they have with the customer to take advantage of the customer's information.