Feb. 18, 2021

Pierre Alarie


Pierre Alarie

Managing Director, ATCO, Latin America

“The energy sector is changing, and we are playing a key role in enabling that transition for our customers around the world.”


Pierre Alarie is Managing Director for ATCO Mexico and Latin America. He served as Canada's Ambassador to Mexico from 2015 to 2019.

What main areas of opportunities have you identified within Mexico's energy sector?

ATCO is here to remain in Mexico and Latin America to grow our business beyond Canada and Australia and the USA. To grow, the group is seeking Mexican partners who need a financial support and ATCO technical and operational expertise to move projects forward. The energy sector is changing, and we are playing a key role in enabling that transition for our customers around the world. Principally, the company is focusing on the energy transportation and power market, areas where we have a lot of experience. However, ATCO is looking to expand in other segments such as energy storage solutions. The storage segment is a strategic area for ATCO where we have the technology and expertise to provide to Mexico.

How much of a budget do you have established for Mexico?

ATCO has not yet defined an investment target at the moment, we are evaluating opportunities and partnerships. Mexico is an important market for the company, and ATCO is ready and willing to invest. Partnership is the key to our appetite to invest. Size is not an issue for us; we can take on larger projects. We are long term investor and owner-operators.

Why is the company prioritizing increasing its visibility in LATAM?

ATCO has an incredible history of delivering innovative solutions for customers around the world. The company is doing an investment plan and evaluating other markets to expand such as Peru and Colombia. We want to increase our portfolio in Chile and Mexico. We want to make sure our brand is better positioned in the region. In 2018, ATCO announced the acquisition of a leading modular building manufacturer, which will now operate under the name ATCO Espaciomovil. With a 182,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant and 1,300 modular rental units in operation, ATCO is now the largest manufacturer of modular products in the Mexican market, with the second largest fleet of rental assets in the country. The expansion of ATCO's modular manufacturing operations in Mexico builds upon the company's growth strategy for Latin America. ATCO re-entered the South American market in 2016 by acquiring 50 per cent ownership of ATCO-Sabinco S.A, a modular manufacturing operation in Chile, and expanded our global infrastructure portfolio in 2018 with a 40 per cent equity investment in Neltume Ports, a leading port operator in South America.