Aug. 3, 2019

Carlos Alvarado


Carlos Alvarado

President , Republic of Costa Rica

Ties between Mexico and Costa Rica, already strong, are only set to strengthen further.


Carlos Alvarado is the 48th President of Costa Rica and a member of the center-left Citizens’ Action Party (PAC). He previously served as Minister of Labor and Social Security during the Presidency of Luis Guillermo and Minister of Human Development and Social Inclusion during the Solís Rivera administration. Just 38 years old during his presidential inauguration, he is one of the youngest-serving Costa Rican presidents.

What is Mexico's role regarding North and Central American dynamics, and how can Costa Rica and Mexico foster broader collaboration?

In the coming months, I predict a stronger relationship between Mexico and Costa Rica. Historically speaking, we have always had an affinity, and there are regional matters that need to be worked on together, such as migration and developing the productive and agricultural sectors. The economic cooperation agenda between the US, Mexico, and Central America has been absent in past years, and we need to create closer rapprochement. I trust that the democratic and institutional strengthening within Mexico will enable a stronger partnership with Costa Rica.

What are the main lessons Mexico can learn from Costa Rica concerning environmental matters?

I do not want to be pompous and comment on what we can teach Mexico. There are many areas where both countries can learn from each other. Regarding climate change, there are great opportunities for countries to work together. Climate change is a global risk that will affect several generations.