Nov. 19, 2021

Patricio Pereira


Patricio Pereira

General Manager, Komatsu Colombia

In the last few years, Komatsu has made strides to develop its capabilities and knowledge to fully align Colombia's operations with the company's global strategy.


Patricio Pereira is a civil industrial engineer with a master's degree in corporate strategic and senior management. He has over 20 years of experience in services companies involved with mining and construction machinery in Chile, Peru, and Colombia.

What are Komatsu's plans as it celebrates its 100th anniversary?

Komatsu is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and 2021 is a special year for us. Globally, Komatsu aims to be a leader in technology and seeks to continue innovating construction and mining equipment. Our main aim is to become the market leader in digital solutions and excellence performance: setting ourselves apart from other companies. Digital transformation means adding technology improvements from the customer's perspective, and at the same time, being innovative in the way we carry out our management in order to impact the entire business positively. Another important direction we are taking is to be environmentally friendly. Beyond that, we are building connections with all stakeholders that play a part in the business. In fact, Komatsu has established a new corporate purpose: Creating value through manufacturing and technology innovation to empower a sustainable future where people, business, and our planet thrive together. Komatsu aims to stand out from other companies, and at the same time, work together for the environment, stakeholders, clients, suppliers, and so on. In Colombia, we focus on reinforcing the new global image of Komatsu. Therefore, we are using this digital transformation to make a difference in others and to involve employees as key assets in the company development. Over the last two years, the majority of actions taken have been to continue developing capabilities and knowledge in order to be prepared to face in the future challenges such in this moment we are living. Our main focus will be to align Colombia's operations with Komatsu's global strategy.

What innovations are in place to support Komatsu's client support capabilities?

During the last three years, Komatsu has integrated new allied brands and high technologies into our portfolio. All this technology and capabilities are to be integrated as One Komatsu to offer a new unique solution to our customers, for example the autonomous and remote-control operations. One key factor for Komatsu is to strongly modulate its operation using this data in order to provide better and more streamlined solutions using this technology to ensure better results, and at the same time, reducing risks. In terms of mining equipment, Komatsu plans to continue develop its capabilities into the field of remote control with automated operations on mine sites. This kind of technology, integrated with high-quality products, will make a key difference in the market.

Does Komatsu contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of operations?

Komatsu is moving toward a carbon-neutral industry with an ambitious roadmap by 2030. Consequently, as an example in Santiago, we implemented our first photovoltaic plant capable of producing electricity to power up until 92% of the industrial process in a branch of the Komatsu Reman Center. And while this is an excellent measure to produce emission-free electricity, it is not the only one we have in mind. We aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, increase the use of non-conventional renewable energies by 50%, reduce water consumption by 30%, and reduce non-hazardous waste disposed of in landfills to zero, just to name a few examples from our long list of goals. We aim to do things correctly, always adhering to the law and pushing for our goals with the highest quality of equipment, supporting reliability, and introducing new technology, always with balance as a main value. As an example in Colombia and after two years of dedicated work, we obtain the Authorized Economic Operator Certification from DIAN, which is representative of another important value in Komatsu: achieving legal requirements and exceeding their standards. Finally, we are working under the concept of One Komatsu, which gives us guidelines to promote various commitments to take advantage of the capabilities of all our divisions to accelerate value creation. In the Latin American context, we are making strong progress in this line of work to capture synergies and combine experiences and skills from our multiple operations in the region.