Feb. 2, 2022

Oyedayo Oyeniran


Oyedayo Oyeniran

Founder & CEO, DeliverASAP.ng

Deliver ASAP's innovative business involves providing bespoke logistics solutions for mini-importers, e-commerce merchants, and busy professionals.


Oyedayo Oyeniran is a COREN registered electrical engineer with a degree in electrical and electronics engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Oyo State, with a MSc in IT from the National Open University of Nigeria. He has spent close to a decade working with top companies within the private and public sectors in Nigeria. He also founded the Tush Awards Africa, a pioneer in youth development and award brands in Nigeria that has recognized 500 youths in different industries in its 10 years of existence.

What kind of services does Deliver ASAP offer in Nigeria?

We are a complete logistics company providing last-mile fulfillment service for mini importers, e-commerce merchants, and busy professionals. COVID-19 really emphasized the need to have bespoke logistics solution for this particular set of target in addition to the originally popular model that is being run in the ecosystem. We have plans to offer four services, though currently we have only activated two partially: cargo last-mile fulfillment to help importers get their imported goods sorted from either the shipping companies' locations or the port and delivered to the customer anywhere in the country within three days; errands services, which are divided into three sub-services—buy and sell, delivery runs, and gig services; e-commerce last-mile fulfillment for e-commerce merchants to fulfil orders in record time; and a crowdsourced international delivery service where a transporter earns money for transporting our customer's goods from their country to Nigeria.

What competitive advantage do you offer to the e-commerce sector?

The e-commerce last-mile fulfillment is not targeted at companies; rather it is a B2B2C model where we work with the e-commerce merchants themselves either they sell on their own websites or any e-commerce platforms. We will store packages in our own warehouses spread around the country and distribute them with the help of data analytics and AI. That way, when a merchant receives an order through the platform, because they have integrated it with ours, all their orders get to us in real time. This will always help us to fulfill to such customers regardless of their location in the country next day or 48 hours maximum. Plans are in top gear to activate as many e-commerce platforms as possible so that this forms a USP to their own customers.

Do you also receive cargo from ports or airports?

At the moment, we do not receive cargo from the ports directly but only through partner freight forwarding companies that ship customer's packages into the country, though we have plans to acquire all licenses required for this service. As such, before the end of 2021, we will be able to offer freight forwarding service directly. If packages are shipped using other freight forwarding companies, we can also fulfill for a customer from such shipping agent's location anywhere in Lagos for now and also hopefully Nigeria by the end of the year.

How would you describe the extra service that you bring to the market compared to other players?

We are not just a delivery company, rather, we offer a total logistics solution for all. Our emphasis is 100% customer experience. We want customers to be able to trust our excellent services 24/7. A few services that we intend to activate before the end of 2022 are presently nonexistent in the country, and it would be an honor for us to disrupt the logistics space. We also plan to introduce the use of bicycles for last-mile fulfillment for target businesses in Nigeria. We are a different breed, and we are here to disrupt everything.

What is your outlook for Deliver ASAPA for 2021/22?

We have many things lined up for 2022 and 2023, and right now, we are in the fundraising stage to ensure we are adequately prepared to build our capacity to deliver excellent service to our customers in Nigeria. By 2024, we also want to be fully on the ground in all the major economies of the African continent. We will do a few months of pilot tests to determine the response from the market before we kick these services off, like we did for cargo last-mile fulfillment. We had a six-month pilot where we generated over NGN1.5 million, fulfilled orders of value over NGN25 million, and achieved a LTV/CAC ratio of 75 times without any form of paid marketing. We are incorporated in US, and we will scale subsidiaries across the African continent.