Jul. 14, 2021

Óscar Gutierrez


Óscar Gutierrez

Director General, Protectio Vita

Tailoring its products to the different needs of its clients, Protectio Vita maintains close relationships with its clients to provide extremely personalized attention.


Óscar Gutierrez started his career as a financial advisor in Seguros Monterrey New York Life in 2012. He rapidly rose to commercial director as partner in 2013 and was in charge of recruiting, business development, and retention. He created sales strategies for on the field and in the office with his equipment. He has won several awards including third place nationally in sales. He made history in 2016 for being promoted from advisor to managing partner in only five years.

What main areas of opportunity have you identified in the insurance sector?

The main challenge or change that we witnessed after the pandemic is, first, to be flexible in terms of knowing a client's needs. We have to have flexibility and act promptly in terms of response time. We have to respond quickly to the customer's needs. We also have to improve the technology in the sector. That is a gap where there is a great deal of work yet to be done.

What investments have you implemented in technology?

We have invested to improve our CRM systems. CRM is extremely important to follow up with our clients, and we have also invested in improving our social media presence. Social media helps us be closer to our clients and reach out to new clients. We also invested in experts who help us administer those social networks in an attempt to remain closer to our prospective and current clients.

What strategies are you implementing to broaden your potential client base?

Mexico has an extremely low penetration rate compared to other countries, which offers the advantage of increasing market penetration and providing a better financial education to our clients. We are investing in every single platform. We constantly share articles such as how to instill in children a culture of saving. We always strive to offer a value proposition. We do not want customers to just visit our website and read about us; we also want them to learn things that can help them in their lives. We seek to reach out to more individuals through this route because that can help us close the insurance penetration gap. There is a huge challenge in that area, which is an opportunity at the same time.

What differentiates you from the competition?

Our close relationships with our clients and our analysis on the financial needs that we perform on every single client set us apart. We are talking about a tailor-made product. We also remain close to our clients. Someone who is 30 does not have the same needs as someone who is 60. We first conduct a personal interview with the potential client to identify his needs and offer an outstanding value proposition. We offer something that is extremely personalized. The clients remain extremely satisfied with this service because they see this personal touch in our services. We try to meet with our clients twice a year so that we can determine if their needs have changed. Clients see this service as something different, and that has made us stand out.

What is your customer profile, and which segments are the most attractive?

Insurance allows us to address many sectors. People think accessing a product like this is extremely expensive, but in fact it is not. It varies depending on the characteristics of each client. We have different products that can be sorted by gender, net worth, or where the client lives. We try to cover the largest number of clients possible. We try to have as many clients as possible. Mexico does not have a good health coverage system, so insurance can provide a better service. The same is true with pensions for retirees; we can provide a larger coverage for citizens. We do not focus on any particular client because it can be targeted at both boomers and millennials.

What are your priorities for 2021?

The main priority, without a doubt, is generating jobs to expedite our growth. Creating new job opportunities will help us grow. The economic recession has affected us all. One of our priorities is to create jobs that will help us advance the economy as a whole. We want to attend to the necessities of all our clients. Some were left unemployed, whereas others performed extremely well this year.