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CEO, Iran Mall Commercial Company (IMCC)


Dr. Reza Samizadeh is the CEO of Iran Mall Commercial Company (IMCC), acting as the operator of Iran Mall Project and Hotel Development. He also acts as a member of the academic staff of Al-Zahra University. Dr. Samizadeh received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in industrial engineering by Sharif University of Technology. He also succeeded in taking a Ph.D. in industrial engineering by Tarbiat Modares University of Iran in 2007.

TBY talks to Dr. Reza Samizadeh, CEO of Iran Mall Commercial Company (IMCC), on the company's unique position in the sector, the nuances of Iran Mall, and IMCC's role in developing tourism.

What makes IMCC a revolutionary and pioneering company in Iran and the region?

IMCC is a pioneering management company specialized in retail assets and is the first of its kind in Iran due to its corporate structure and modern managerial techniques in line with the international standards of this industry. IMCC is a leading and prominent company that rotates exciting ideas into lucrative and worthwhile businesses. This company, as the operator of Iran Mall and Hotel Development, is a subsidiary of Tat Group. Iran Mall Commercial Co., as a prominent and well-established company and a leading mall operator throughout Iran, with its shopping malls and mixed-use facilities, intends to facilitate brand owners’ business by providing necessary and adequate information about Iran’s market, such as consumer habits and their needs and necessities, through our technical, legal, managerial, and commercial experts. IMCC intends to turn novel and remarkable ideas into lucrative and cost-effective businesses. We truly believe that IMCC is set to become the biggest giant mall operator in the Middle East, and we will not rely solely on mall management but will also undertake master franchises and enter into joint ventures with famous brands yet to enter the Iranian market.

How do you assess the ability of Iran Mall’s facilities to compete with the greatest international shopping centers?

In comparison with other shopping malls in the world, Iran Mall is the largest shopping mall in the region and is one of the top-ranked shopping malls in the world. Iran Mall will encompass among the best facilities and amenities we can find in the greatest shopping centers internationally. Iran Mall also provides a new benchmark in the shopping experience in Tehran and all of Iran. In the ever-growing world of gigantic and luxurious malls, we are proud to present Iran Mall as the largest mall within all of the Middle East, with a total area of around 1,700,000sqm, and a 250,000sqm leasable area. In fact, this unique project is so massive that it has been described by RLI International Magazine of Leisure and Entertainment as “a city on its own.” A simple comparison between Iran Mall and two of its rivals in the Middle East—Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates—shows the superiority of Iran Mall in holding a number of distinctive features: 16 anchors and mini anchors; various parking entrances opening to different floors and a parking capacity of 20,000 vehicles; three commercial towers on a specific 240,000sqm ground; more mall services, including an exhibition area of 20,000sqm; a five-star hotel offering a spectacular view of the Alborz mountains; and an incredible rooftop garden.

What is your opinion on the development of the tourism sector in Iran and your potential role in it?

Iran is a culturally and historically rich country with a great tourism capacity; however, the country lacks modern infrastructure to cater to tourists needs; Iran Mall is one of the first steps taken to build such a quality offering with a unique shopping venue and state-of-the-art hotel facilities (four and five stars) in an area of Tehran centrally located away from the heavy traffic of the city but close to the international airport. Iran Mall has been designed as a retail and entertainment complex soaring way beyond the boundaries of the concept of malls in Iran, a place in which age or taste shall not be a matter of concern, and a place where apart from shopping all that is best, visitors may also seek novel and diverse experiences of beauty, elegance, tranquility, tradition, modernity, food and drink, leisure, excitement, and sport all gathered in one place. To support the fact that apart from offering utmost luxuriousness, we have kept a keen eye on capacity for leisure, cultural, and other public activities, we are proud to say this five-story mix mall has the lowest ratio of GLA to GBA in the world, at 0.17.



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