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Chairman, Just Real Estate (JRE)


The Chairman of JRE, Nasser Al Ansari graduated in civil engineering from the University of Miami and holds an executive MBA from HEC Paris. Tapping into different fields in his career gave him a wealth of experience across various areas of the real estate sector and eventually led to Al-Ansari spearheading the launch and growth of JRE. With a vision to deliver excellence, Al-Ansari has driven JRE to become a single source for all real estate services, a property development consultancy that creates opportunities for potential investors, buyers, and tenants in residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties in the Qatari market.

What value does JRE add to the market and what is your strategy for being the real estate industry leader in Qatar? JRE is a real estate investment company that […]

What value does JRE add to the market and what is your strategy for being the real estate industry leader in Qatar?

JRE is a real estate investment company that offers an extensive range of real estate solutions, from sales and leasing to marketing communications, property management, facilities management, and development management. Our offer is more engineered, institutional, and selective. These services set us apart. Our new sales center is a one-stop shop for real estate solutions and demonstrates our commitment to offering our clients a 360-degree service. Our first successful year of operations drove us forward in Qatar, the US, the UK, and Turkey.

In 2016, JRE unveiled its flagship development, THE e18hteen. What makes this unique?

THE e18hteen is a modern design masterpiece. Inspired by the historic Qatar dhow, the building was purposely created for its Lusail Marina location, with the exterior façade at the podium level designed to look like rippling water. The building’s designers considered every detail, down to the sheltered principle entrance that corresponds to the direction of the area’s northwesterly winds. THE e18hteen is attractive to corporate tenants because of its 360-degree business and leisure services. Today’s business tenants demand fully integrated services. In order to meet those, THE e18hteen is equipped with premium quality amenities, including the latest in high-tech office solutions and spacious luxury meeting rooms, high-end restaurants, cafés, exclusive business lounge and retail outlets, with the additional benefit of stunning views over the Arabian Gulf.

Qatar enjoys a wide offer of hospitality and entertainment, including retail, F&B, and hotels. How do you combine these features in your portfolio?

All of JRE’s projects are located in premier locations and are intricately designed to cater to every luxury need. For example, THE e18hteen is more than just a commercial tower. The inclusion of a gym, high-end dining options, an exclusive business lounge, and retail outlets demonstrates our dedication to offering unrivaled amenities. Similarly, The View Residence is a destination of modern living incorporating a fitness center, resort-style swimming pool, stunning views, and quality dining outlets. Jenan, located in Lusail’s Marina district, stands out due to its focus on tenant wellbeing and as a fantastic investment opportunity.

Including the UK, Turkey, and the US, what are your plans to expand internationally?

Our primary focus is on the local market, which accounts for the 85% of our operations. However, our plans to grow will see JRE explore new options and avenues for clients in the international markets, which will in turn help us to diversify our portfolio and enhance our reputation as an international real estate leader. We have already made great strides elsewhere in the world and now offer sales and leasing opportunities in three major properties in the UK. Riverwalk, Chiltern Place, and The Heron includes high-end, ultra-modern residential buildings in the heart of London. In the US, we see opportunities in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, where I know a lot of good developers. JRE has also moved into the Turkish real estate market, where we manage the Quasar & Fairmont Residence Istanbul.

What is your analysis of the current and future status of Qatar’s real estate market?

The Qatar real estate market is buoyant as the government of Qatar continues to invest heavily in infrastructure and mega projects, such as the new Doha Port and Qatar Rail’s project, and the population continues to rapidly grow. Together, this will result in strong demand for both residential property and commercial opportunities. With construction continuing apace for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the Qatar National Vision 2030 in full swing, there will be a plethora of prospects for investors and tenants. We strongly believe Qatar will continue to be a benchmark for the regional real estate sector.



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