Jan. 25, 2022

Oluseyi Makinde


Oluseyi Makinde

Executive Governor, Oyo State

By creating an environment for industries to thrive and simultaneously taking care of its people, the governor of Oyo State is determined to make it the number-one investment destination choice in Nigeria.


Oluseyi Makinde, also known as Seyi Makinde, is the Governor of Oyo State. He is a businessman, politician, and philanthropist who studied electrical engineering at the University of Lagos. He subsequently acquired several professional trainings in the US, UK, and the Lagos Business School, including in TMR safety system, the fundamentals of crude sampling, and understanding and solving complex business problems. In 1997, he established the Makon Group Nigeria Limited and served as the group managing director until he was elected Governor of Oyo State on March 10, 2019.

How did your extensive private-sector experience help when it comes to governing your state?

My private-sector background enables me to bring a different perspective to governance in Oyo State in two ways. First, I recognize the role of government when it comes to economic growth and job creation. The only role governments should have in business is to create an enabling environment for private businesses to thrive. We are focused on doing that in Oyo State, which is why we have been seeking partnerships with the private sector for all erstwhile government-owned businesses in the state. We have been able to extract value from previously failing businesses such as the Pacesetter Quarry and Asphalt Plant, Ijaiye, and the Agbowo Shopping Complex, Ibadan, both of which were handed over to concessionaires in PPP arrangements. Secondly, things move at a much quicker pace and are done more efficiently in the private sector. When we came into office, our priority, after a thorough assessment of the issues, was to make governance processes more efficient. This would in turn, speed up implementation of our policies. We are implementing e-governance in the state. We started from scratch, buying ICT equipment such as laptops and desktops, laying fiber-optic cables in the secretariat, and so on. In the long term, we will see collaborations that will make things faster and more efficient. My promise to the people of Oyo State when we were campaigning in 2018/9 was that we would be honest and transparent and implement people-oriented policies. This is what we have continued to do since we assumed office. We have created several channels to enable us communicate with our people both online and offline and involve them in what we are doing.

Can you provide some brief background to the reasons behind the four areas you have chosen to be the pillars of your administration?

Before we assumed office, we created a plan to guide how we would govern. This manifesto, which we called the Roadmap to Accelerated Development in Oyo State 2019-2023, focused on four main areas of governance, and this became the four pillars of our administration. Poverty is endemic in Nigeria, so it was imperative that our administration focuses on lifting the people in Oyo State out of poverty. We considered our comparative advantages as a state and decided to use those to drive economic growth. Agribusiness, solid minerals development, and tourism are the three main ways in which we are driving economic growth in Oyo State. Education, another pillar, is driven by my own personal experience. I came from a humble background, and access to education enabled me to succeed in life. Healthcare, which is another pillar, is a pragmatic choice; a healthy population is a more productive population. Furthermore, with poverty levels in our country, access to healthcare is a big challenge. We want to improve access and the quality of healthcare delivery as part of our healthcare pillar. Security is another pillar of our administration. All our plans depend on a safe and secure environment, so it was important to make security a focus of our administration.

What competitive advantages does Ibadan offer compared to other cities like Lagos?

We are building a modern city where people enjoy a premium quality of life. We want Oyo State to be the regional hub in transportation, agribusiness, real estate, and more. Our proximity to Lagos is a plus, especially because of the seaport. We are working to take advantage of the dry port in Ibadan and the Lagos-Ibadan rail line, which create easier options to commute. We are also working with FAAN to expand Ibadan Airport and make it a regional hub for air transport in the region. Oyo State offers opportunities to investors and private individuals alike to live in a rapidly developing state and take advantage of our business-centered policies and incentives.