Jun. 30, 2019

Olabopo Odiachi


Olabopo Odiachi

Group Head Business Development, Bodyline Fitness and Gym

“We recognised a gap in the fitness industry as there was increasing awareness of the need to live a healthy lifestyle.”


Olabopo Odiachi is Group Head Business Development of Bodyline Fitness and Gym.

How did Bodyline established its excellent reputation?

Bodyline has existed for nine years, with our first outlet in Abuja. Over the years, we recognised a gap in the fitness industry as there was increasing awareness of the need to live a healthy lifestyle. We therefore wanted to create a space where fitness would be a way of life and not just a one off. Based on our experience with the Abuja gym, we created an environment that encapsulates the whole wellbeing of an individual. Our gyms are one-stop shops for one's fitness needs. Besides the gym, all our locations are equipped with high quality SPAs to cater for the relaxation needs of our partners after a strenuous workout. We also run a healthy restaurant in Ikoyi and Abuja to provide the option of a healthy, balanced meal at all times. Some of our locations host facilities for other sporting activities such as squash, lawn tennis, football, swimming, fitness classes, etcetera. All this has given us the much-required edge to stand out from the crowd. What makes us special is the drive to constantly evolve. For example, we recently opened a 10,000sqm outdoor Xtreme outdoor park in Abuja. This is the first of its kind in the fitness space.

What trends are you observing in the fitness space and where do you envision the sector going?

Fitness and SPA services have been on the rise consistently, as people are becoming more health-conscious. This can be attested to by the increase in the number of fitness centers and spas over recent years. From our experience, regardless of shocks in the economy, increasing amounts of people visit the gym to de-stress and work out the daily, incessant pressures of the economy. Some of our partners revealed the underlying need for people to take care of their health which they are in control of, rather than fall prey to economic pressures, paying dearly with their health. We expect the fitness industry to continue to grow to accommodate the demand for world class standard fitness centers. We also expect to see new trends, such as more outdoor gyms, sport centers which were once forgotten to be refurbished, creating opportunities for the average individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle.