The Business Year

Yuji Tanaka

President & CEO, JGC Gulf International

JGC Gulf International was established in 2008, at a time when our management had penned an important deal with Saudi Aramco. They mutually agreed to establish Inside Kingdom Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (IKEPC). Before that, we had carried out a project for Saudi Arabia, and our headquarters and project home office have been located at our head office in Yokohama, Japan. We had the engineers and designed, procured, and constructed only in Saudi Arabia; however, we had fully executed the engineering and procurement work in our head office. We can locate our project home office in Saudi Arabia and work together with many young and capable Saudi engineers, transferring our technical expertise to them after several years. We already have over 100 Saudi staff, mostly engineers. Our main projects are with Saudi Aramco, where we are doing the construction of the terminal to transport crude from the east to the west coast in order to export the crude. The terminal is now under construction at Yanbu and is one of our biggest projects.

Hasan Al Qahtani

CEO, AWJ Energy

AWJ Energy’s parent company, SUMOU Holding, was established in 2007. Part of the vision behind the group was to provide the best services to the market. The group has five companies in real estate, another five in construction, two in agriculture, two in the financial sector, and one in retail, in addition to those in energy. The group’s decision to go into this industry was made in early 2014, and AWJ Energy was established in January 2015. The good thing is that Saudi Arabia is expanding its activities, especially when it comes to oil and gas, because there is continuous demand for both, especially gas. What is available from international service providers in the Kingdom is not going to be enough. There is a lot of room for local companies, and there are incentives from the government to drive this business. AWJ Energy can be a high-quality service provider for oil and gas and petrochemical companies in the downstream. Even though our company is young, we are already working with big companies here in the market.

Mohammed Al Sulaiman

Chairman, Mohammed Al Sulaiman

In 2008, the market was in turmoil with the economic downturn, so organizations had a lot of liquidity issues. We thought it was a great time to penetrate the Saudi market, be more flexible, and make some acquisitions and mergers with the core businesses we were interested in getting into. Now if you have the capital and there are companies struggling with their financials because of economic issues, it is the right time to make an offer and take the business from where it stands and enhance, improve, and drive it forward. In 2008, Makamin went through a lot of cycles, both good and bad, as did every other company. It was awarded lots of projects totaling more than USD1.2 billion, plus assets. Altogether, during the period of 2008-2016, the company went through a period of gaining know-how about bringing turnkey solutions to the oil industry services field. To achieve this, we came up with four departments that we considered to be the core services and maintenance support needed by oil services organizations that work in the field.



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