Sep. 23, 2020

Norberto Tadeo Zavala Medellín


Norberto Tadeo Zavala Medellín

General Manager, INMSO

INMSO's short-term plan for the coming years is focused on human resources, personal development, and development and maintenance.


Norberto Tadeo Zavala Medellín founded INMSO in 2008, a company from the north of Mexico dedicated to offering services in the mining industry in the areas of construction and civil work. He was president of the Nuevo León District of AIMGMM, the association of mining engineers and geologists in Mexico, for four periods of two years each consecutively. He has a degree in chemical engineering and a specialty in foreign trade.

What is your perspective of the mining sector in Mexico?
Our sector is a responsible one; the mining industry is safe and responsible. We, as a company, have extremely high safety standards. We have reached up to 800 days without any accidents in our mines. The company expects overall stability in 2020. In particular, everyone has to focus on working on their productivity. Extraction will not stop. What we are doing as a company is focusing internally to work on safety, quality, and productivity issues. That is linked to the maintenance issue. 2020 looks good. We are working in Guerrero, Chihuahua, Nuevo León, and Zacatecas mainly. In 2020, we have three job prospects: two in Zacatecas and one in Guerrero. Now, we are focused on the development of human capital and its technical development. We are looking for business alliances with suppliers. We have several made with people from Finland and Chile and are in talks with a German group. Above all, we focus on service and profitability. We are strengthening ourselves internally to continue growing.

What are your goals in terms of national and international expansion in the medium term?
Now, our short-term plan for the next two years is focused on human resources, personal development, and development and maintenance. Subsequently, we plan to start with an expansion outside the country. We have already seen prospects in Peru, Colombia, and Chile, though nothing has been finalized. Our focus for 2020 and 2021 will be on human capital. We have several areas of opportunity to work in. We also have to work on maintenance.

Could you explain your experience as a founder of a mining company in Mexico?
We started the company 12 years ago. We come from a mining family; there was an opportunity in the sector, and we took it. We started with small offices and have grown since. Today, we have 348 people in the company. We were recently certified as a socially responsible company for the sixth consecutive year, which we are extremely proud of. We currently have a board of directors that governs the company. I am the CEO in addition to the founding partner of the company. The council gives a great deal of financial and fiscal stability to the company. We currently have a business in construction. We also have precast, transportation, and food, though this is our main company. I am the general manager of this company focused on mining, though I am also a partner of several of the others in the group. In each company, there is a leader.

Compared to your competitors, what is your added value?
We are a company that does not depend on a single person. We are a board of directors, and we also have solid bases. The council determines the investments and growth and also takes great care of the financing and profitability of each project. We look at each project individually to specifically analyze the performance of each and do not seek to obscure the success of one with the failure of another. We give financial autonomy to each company, which is an advantage we have. With customers, we are a socially responsible company. Our function is to provide customer service. We are mainly a service company.