Mar. 25, 2015

Felix Fidelix Lobo


Felix Fidelix Lobo

Managing Director, Qatar Meta Coats


Felix Fidelix Lobo started his career in Qatar with the UN and shifted to International Civil Aviation Qatar, before setting up as an individual entrepreneur in the Catering Business and in Recruitment. Felix Lobo then established Qatar Meta Coats in 2001 and has since led this company to the status of industry innovator. Outside his professional career, Felix Fidelix Lobo is a key figure in the Mangalore community in Qatar.

What is Qatar Meta Coats' core business?

Qatar Meta Coats was established in 2001. Our main business is in aluminum glazing, space frames, steel fabrication, and powder coating. Facade work is our main professional business and we have done some large and interesting projects here. Our first major project was the College of the North Atlantic, which we started in 2006.We also worked on the City Center expansion phases two and three for our client Sheikh Faisal. After that, we worked on Barwa City, on the Barwa Commercial Avenue facade, and on Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital. At present, our largest job is Tawar Mall, which is under construction and will be completed in the summer of 2015. This project is more than just architectural; it is a green concept project.

What is your strategy to expand your capabilities in Qatar?

We are being awarded some good projects. Recently, we formed joint ventures with an Italian company and a company from Dubai for the Qatar Railway project and the sports stadium projects, for which we have submitted our pre-qualification. In order to expand our capability and the strength of our work, we are also qualified for steel jobs and have a galvanizing plant under construction. It is going to be the largest galvanizing plant in Qatar, with an area of around 12,000 sqm and that will be ready for production within a year. We see a lot of potential in the galvanizing field because there are no large galvanizing plants in Qatar presently.

Are you looking into opportunities for further international collaborations?

Yes, we are looking for opportunities in structural design. We also have a small construction company as a branch of Qatar Meta Coats. We have just started that, and the first project we have is for 16 villas. We are also interested in growing this section of the business with some large international companies, if they are interested.

How are you aiming to exploit the construction opportunities brought about by the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup coming up, there will be many new stadium construction projects. We are tendering for the Al-Wakrah Stadium, which we are really interested in. There are several other new stadiums that we can tender for, and as we are also into steel work we are expecting more jobs. This is just another reason why we are preparing our galvanizing plant to be ready within a year.

What do you present as Qatar Meta Coats' primary field of expertise when you try to win a tender?

In the tendering stage, we mostly propose better services at better prices. Similarly, we have design expertise; hence, we are able to check the client's design and propose something easier and better. During the tendering process, we keep the client informed at every stage, get their feedback, visit them, and have meetings to ensure that they remain involved. In many cases, such as the Tawar Mall project, the client accepted a lot of our ideas and designs.

Do you need to upgrade and increase your capacity in anticipation of a growth in business due to the 2022 and 2030 targets?

Definitely; however, it will depend on the workload. In order to be able to jump into opportunities, we have organized the company in a flexible manner, especially in regard to manpower. We increase our manpower as it becomes necessary. During every project, we apply the manpower that we need and during emergencies we mobilize immediately through manpower suppliers and agencies. We have established our company here and have the entire infrastructure ready, meaning for us, it is easy to double production. As I said, we are qualified for steel fabrication, and we are qualified for facade jobs. This is why we wanted to expand our galvanizing business and do everything in-house.