May. 2, 2022

Mohamed Benouda


Mohamed Benouda

Founder, ABA Technology

ABA Technology prides itself on being a partner, not a mere service provider, ensuring that its clients are fully supported at all times.


Mohamed Benouda founded ABA Technology in 2017 and has over 22 years of work experience. Previous positions have included Director General at General Groupe Palmeraie, Director General at Groupe SNTL, and Director of Development at the Diversification Groupe SNTL, as well as a range of senior roles at companies in Paris and Nantes.

How is Nextronic technology involved in the fight against COVID-19?

Temperature monitoring is used by all kinds of companies that are required by regulations to monitor the temperature of their products, or those that demonstrably want to guarantee the quality of their products. Temperature is a key element in the safeguard of medicine and most importantly vaccine efficiency. It is crucial that all vaccine storages be equipped with temperature monitoring. In Morocco, the Ministries of Health and Interior have chosen ABA Technology for this particular task. Our sensors are used in over 4,400 vaccination centers, 83 provincial warehouses, and have traveled thousands of miles across the country. This is not only because our technology is innovative and reliable, but also because we are the only firm that currently masters the totality of the IoT value chain, offering key solutions throughout the whole monitoring process.

How do your products help clients tackle their challenges?

The biggest challenge our clients encounter is that most suppliers sell sensors but do not provide solutions. This means the client can only purchase a device they must be able to track on their own. We deliver turnkey solutions that follow industry guidelines and regulations. In addition to a reliable and accurate sensor network, ABA Technology offers an innovative online platform called Nextrack, along with all the services that our clients need for quality assurance.

What does ABA Technology do differently than others in the market?

Our products and company are very unique in our industry because we develop and produce everything in house. The group presents a turnkey solution throughout the IoT value chain: from designing and manufacturing the hardware, through insuring its connectivity network, to the full integration of its applications. This gives unprecedented control over the quality and functionality of our products and services. As a result, we deliver a high-quality standard generically, but we can also switch immediately if customization helps solve customer challenges. All our services and products are designed by us and are constantly improved based on feedback from our clients. We have only one goal in mind: help our customers comply with laws and regulations in a smart and simple way. We are proud to be distinguished as one of the first companies in Morocco to market a combination of IoT and SaaS solutions for the medical products marketplace.

What is the most important thing you want people to know about ABA Technology solutions?

If you choose ABA Technology’s solutions, you get a partner and not a supplier. We help you with the implementation set up and manage your needed IoT solution. With the know-how of our teams, we have 10 years of experience in this area that we are happy to share. The solutions we offer in the monitoring of the vaccine cold chain helps our clients gain real-time insight into the temperature conditions of the warehouses, vehicles, and cooling units that ship the vaccine throughout Morocco. In addition, no complicated IT implementation or infrastructure is required to work with ABA Technology. Our clients can rely on ABA Technology’s solutions, support, and expertise. We help them implement the best solutions for their organization. In addition, we provide our clients with customer service to support them with any issues they may encounter.

Which technological innovations do you foresee will take place in the cold chain management industry?

We have a firm belief that the use of IoT technologies will exponentially improve temperature monitoring in pharma logistics. Small-scale pharmaceutical transport is becoming more cost effective, therefore the solutions to guarantee quality must also adapt to this evolution, to ensure uncompromising functionality, connectivity, and compliance with regulations.