Jan. 27, 2022

Max Uneke Friday


Max Uneke Friday

CEO & Managing Director, Unitronix Global Co Limited

Unitronix Global Co Limited is one of the fastest-growing and most reputable renewable energy companies in Nigeria and sees great potential in the country.


Max Uneke Friday is a business strategist, leadership and management consultant, ISO auditor, renewable energy expert, entrepreneur, mentor, QHSE officer, professional trainer and coach, and author with extensive experience in various organizations. He holds a degree in quantity surveying, mini-MBA in business management, PGD and MSc in oil, gas, and energy management from South America University in the US. He is also executive director of Maxtraco Construction and Resources and CEO & Managing Director of Maximedge Technology and Consulting Limited. He is a member of the Council for Renewable Energy Nigeria (CREN), the Nigeria Institute of Management, Onshore Offshore Oil and Gas Professional (O3GP), and several others.

How has demand for your services increased over time?

Given that solar power is now cheaper than electricity generated by coal and natural gas in most countries, this is kickstarting a profound global change from fossil to renewable energy, in which renewable energy is estimated to supply 80% of the total power generation in 2030. Currently, there is a global trend of adopting new technology, and Nigeria—and Africa as a whole—is no exception. However, clients hold the misconceptions that renewables are expensive, ineffective, and the equipment does not last. We have sought to raise awareness of the real benefits of renewable solutions and have a strategy in place to address these negative client perceptions. To address the fear of inefficiency, we need greater professionalism in this sector so that there are no poor quality installations or repairs.

What initiatives are being implemented by the financial sector and the government to foster the adoption of renewable services?

The banks are doing their best, but more needs to be done. The government could provide more resources to help this industry considering the ripple economic effect. We are providing solar panels and energy systems currently with the availability of gradual payments. We offer outright purchasing and product purchase through convenient payment options.

What drives you to be so active in the renewable energy sector?

My enthusiasm for solving social problem was my major motivation; when everyone is discussing problems such as power, I prefer to discuss solutions. Secondly renewable energy has the potential to take care of so many other challenges. For example, providing clean energy will considerably lower costs, save energy, save the planet, provide employment, training and education, lower greenhouse gases, alleviate poverty, and much more. That is why I am extremely passionate about it. Our minds are always on what to do next to make ourselves relevant in the green industry. Unitronix Global Co. Limited was formed for this purpose.

What are your activities in this area?

Unitronix Global Co. Limited launched a project called Solar Up Nigeria (SUN) as well as Easy Buy (EBUY), an initiative to help millions of homes and business switch to solar energy with affordable and flexible payment plans. For Unitronix Solar, the aim is to provide durable products through a complete process that spans from idea generation to after sales support. We also launched Unitronix Training Academy, the training arm of Unitronix Global Co. Limited. In partnership with the world's top-rated solar modules manufacturer OEM across the world, we deliver intensive theoretical, practical, and on-site installation training in solar energy. Our trainings are delivered in a conducive environment, with experienced professionals and hands-on practical sessions to empower the youth and unemployed people with skills.

What are your plans and ambitions for 2021/22 to expand the business in Nigeria?

We want to become the most preferred renewable energy solution provider in Nigeria, expand our scope, attract more investors, and launch zero-money down payment with installment spread over two to three years to further make it more convenient for the average Nigerian.

What are other renewable energy sources to be explored?

Away from the familiarity of solar PV, other renewable energy sources receive little attention. Nigeria's strongest source of renewable energy by present size—hydropower—has been the cornerstone of grid-powered generation for decades. Possibly the most significant change that can be anticipated in the short to medium term with hydropower is an obvious and urgent need to overhaul existing hydro-generation. The least well-understood source of renewable energy in Nigeria definitely seems to be wind power. Until recently, Nigeria was thought of by both local and international policymakers as “not a windy country," though there has been a relative lack of accessible data to give this support or to contradict it. Waste and biomass are also options to further diversify Nigeria's sources of energy.