Mar. 10, 2020

Mauricio López


Mauricio López

General Manager, Canis Energy

“Solar energy is relatively new in Ecuador.”


Mauricio López founded Canis Energy in 2014 with the aim of introducing innovative and sustainable products for the construction industry. He has earned years of experience managing innovation companies. He is also manager of Tridifect, a high impact communication company. He has an EMBA from iE Business School in Madrid and a diploma in design thinking from MIT Management Executive Education

How is solar energy evolving in the country?

Solar energy is relatively new in Ecuador, although it has existed worldwide for many years. At present, there is no established legal framework, though one is now being created. The country is embarking on its first large-scale PV project with El Aromo, which will most likely boost overall interest in the area. Moreover, the project will serve as a catalyst for regulations up to the local level, which will allow PV technology to be implemented in standard houses and buildings. The El Aromo project is a step toward changing Ecuador's energy matrix. Solar energy is clean, and I am pleased to see that the government is finally starting to focus on this energy source. This will also benefit from the fact that private power generation plants can now sell surplus energy to other stakeholders. In the context of the importance of solar energy in Ecuador, Canis Energy's main focus is on cities. We want to help cities across the country start generating electricity through PV glass. In this regard, we are the exclusive distributors for Onyx Solar in Ecuador, a world-class producer of solar glass, and we are already working with local institutions in Ecuador. For example, we are working with the city of Quevedo to develop bus stops with solar glass panels.

What needs to be done to educate potential consumers on the benefits of solar energy?

We show clients in-depth studies that demonstrate advantages in terms of savings and social impact. Additionally, Onyx Solar is carrying out a project to promote the installation of solar glass panels on buildings. For every meter of glass sold, the company has made a commitment to plant a tree in the Amazon. Solar glass panels not only generate electricity, they also have the same transparency as standard glass and a UV filter of 99% and IR filter of 95%; therefore, it is a construction material that has a return on investment. Each customer that comes to us receives a personalized study on savings and environmental protection.

Which projects have used your solar glass panels?

We have worked on many projects, though we take pride in a warehouse that has 900sqm of PV glass and is expected to generate around 9,000kWh per month. The warehouse demonstrates the savings that the product offers and its significance for energy-intensive buildings. Notably, Onyx Solar will plant 900 trees because of this project.

How are private and public stakeholders promoting the implementation of green practices in Ecuador?

For example, there are many green financial products, including programs by private and public banks that support renewable projects. These initiatives have somewhat boosted renewable energy projects. The next step for the country is to establish a regulatory framework to support these sustainable initiatives. Developers are paying more attention to LEED certification, and Ecuador already has one LEED Platinum certification. Our product can provide points for the LEED certification, which is a great advantage.