Dec. 24, 2021

Masoud Al-Rawahi


Masoud Al-Rawahi

Executive Director, PhazeRo

TBY talks to Masoud Al-Rawahi, Executive Director of PhazeRo

How did you come up with the idea of creating PhazeRo, and how much has the company grown since 2019?

PhazeRo was established in mid-2019, when my partners at Phaze Ventures and I started thinking about the implications of the energy transition and increasingly digitalizing landscape, as it relates to core industries and young demography. We decided to launch a venture capital firm, Phaze Ventures to add the most value to support the growth of our nascent innovation economy. However, as our start-ups continue to grow, demand for high-performing tech talent also grows, and their ability to acquire it locally has become increasingly difficult. In particular, we've observed a significant dearth of software engineering capacity, whilst demand accelerates. We decided to launch a venture-backed, scalable company with a dual concern: solve high-value, complex enterprise challenges and effectively develop high potential local talent that will convert into high performing technical experts that can satisfy the market within and beyond our borders.

How can women be encouraged to pursue a career in the IT space?

We advocate for equal opportunity, not outcome. We have a fairly rigorous interview process that involves multiple automated and in-person assessment. The scoring is as objective as we can make it, and women are doing better so far. Unlike in the western hemisphere, where the tech sector is traditionally dominated by men, we find that women have a greater affinity for this line of work and seem to be excelling at it—more than half our team are women.