Jul. 14, 2021

Manuel G. Rivero Zambrano


Manuel G. Rivero Zambrano

CEO, Regional Holding & CEO, Hey Banco

Offering a comprehensive portfolio of products to clients via one single click, Hey Banco prioritizes the customer above all else.


Manuel G. Rivero Zambrano graduated from ITESM with a degree in financial administration and represents the fourth generation of bankers in his family that have been in the sector since 1947. He has 18 years of experience in banking and joined Banregio in 2003. He has overseen different directive roles and played an important role in new business development as well as defining and implementing strategic plans for the Group. He has been part of the board since 2011.

Can you provide an overview of Banregio's main achievements in 2020?

Without a doubt, the main achievement was keeping people safe. The second achievement was that we were able to accompany the clients along this process that was extremely complex and continues to be complex. We obtained solid results because we have been working with clients of the highest quality for many years. These clients have a good financial performance. In that sense, we do not only work with large companies, but also small and medium businesses too. Our loans for SMEs recorded double-digit growth, for example. We saw an increase in engagement with our digital products, which was positive. And last, but not least, another positive outcome was an increase in customer liquidity of over 20%.

In your last quarterly report, the company talked about the importance of customer relations and customer loyalty. Can you elaborate on that?

In terms of large companies, customer relations can be extremely similar to other banks. What sets us apart is our understanding of the local market. In the segment of SMEs, we continue to offer a model based on relationships, while other banks provide those services through their commercial offices. They serve all their segments from the same place. In that sense, we are different. We have a person serving these clients and accompanying them through their daily needs. We also have teams specializing in different sectors, like agro-industry for example.

What is your vision for digital banking in the country, and what role would you like to play?

We have two brands: Banregio and Hey Banco. Banregio is for companies and families with a certain level of net worth. We call that group the preferential segment. In that segment, I am sure we are the market leaders. We have an extraordinary service and an innovative model. We want to address all our customers' needs, including banking, business, and investment. All those needs are covered by a single person, and these services are done remotely, so our clients do not need to come into our offices. We want to provide our customers with a 100% digital service. The Banregio offices work as a flagship to foster the brand's name. Then, we have Hey Banco, which brings a completely different offering to clients. This bank does not have physical offices, so the savings here translate into better yields for our clients. In the last four months, we have grown at a rate of 9,000 new clients per week. We have added a great deal of value into our products, which is one of the reasons for those successful rates. We are about to launch a new package of products that will add more value to the application of Hey Banco, so we expect to continue adding new clients. Right now, our main challenge is that with COVID-19, it is difficult to maintain a fully operative call center.

Banregio recently changed its branding. Can you outline some of the reasons behind the change?

The previous logo and bank image was outdated. We made a comprehensive change to the brand's image as well as to how the offices were managed to increase their efficiency. All our offices are connected to Salesforce. I also have a team for sales intelligence, which is constantly coming up with innovative solutions. I also have a team for risk intelligence and a platform that allows us to understand the situation in terms of customer service. We want to always serve our customers. We also created a culture to constantly improve the model, and this year we will improve the model again. This model is oriented to attending to our customers at any time. We call it Concierge 360 because it includes services for our customers' businesses, families, and personal net worth. No other company offers this service, which is provided by Banregio.