Mar. 30, 2019

Abdul Aziz Ahmed Bashraheel


Abdul Aziz Ahmed Bashraheel

Group Manager, Qatar Plastic Products Company W.L.L. (QPPC) & Qatar Wooden Products Company W.L.L. (QWPC)

TBY talks to Abdul Aziz Ahmed Bashraheel, Group Manager of Qatar Plastic Products Company W.L.L. (QPPC) & Qatar Wooden Products Company W.L.L. (QWPC), on the Energy sector.

How is the “Made in Qatar" brand being advanced at a factory level?

Most of the industries in Qatar are focusing on making the “Made in Qatar" brand better. There are huge efforts ongoing in a growing number of sectors. Fortunately, we are being supported by the Qatar Development Bank (QDB). It organizes and participates in exhibitions around the world and provides support and facilities to SMEs to participate; it even covers all costs to introduce all the various raw materials being produced in Qatar. The main objective is to promote the “Made in Qatar" brand, as it will consequently impact the economy. It is extremely important for Qatar to focus on exports and inform the market about the development of different industries.

How has the company's client base evolved since its establishment?

QPPC was established in 1998, and production started in 2000 with the aim of producing FFS bags, shrink film, agriculture film, and blue sleeves for other applications needed by clients for Kahramaa projects. At present, our main obligation is to cater industries in Qatar. They are our main customers; typically more than 90% of our production goes to these companies. When the blockade was imposed, we fulfilled our requirement and focused on these companies. As part of our diversification and in addition to the existing products, QPPC started the commercial production of new wood plastic composite (WPC) products beginning in 2017. We are well positioned in the market for this product and are starting to look at Oman and Kuwait as export markets. Our subsidiary, a wooden pallets manufacturing unit QWPC, started production in 2013. At present our wooden pallets fulfill the demands of QAPCO, Qatofin, QAFCO, Q-Chem, and others. For QWPC, we have brought in an additional semi-automatic production line. This system allows us to make changes to the production process allowing us to better adapt to our clients' needs.

What are your priorities in 2019?

We want to further position WPC both in the local market and outside of Qatar. We are moving forward positively, thanks to the support of QDC. Another project that we are waiting on is the official announcement and details of the new petrochemical industry. In 2019 and beyond, we want to continue to serve our main clients with the highest possible standards, but at the same time, we want to look into gaining new clients, specially SMEs.