Mar. 9, 2020

Lorena Lasso


Lorena Lasso

CEO, Assistec

“In this digital age, internet and social media has made communications a key component of corporate success.”


Lorena Lasso founded Assistec 20 years ago, a strategic communications agency that advises domestic and multinational companies. She studied business at the American Junior College in Ecuador and has pursued further education in communications at the University of Virginia, BPU, Stanford University, and the University of Toronto. Lasso has been a member of the Board of AmCham in Quito for six years, vice president of Junior Achievement Ecuador for five years, and president of Visit USA Ecuador for four years. Lasso has over 30 years of professional experience.

What's your evaluation of Assistec's performance in the Ecuadorean market?

Over the last two decades, Assistec has stood out as a company that understands the client's needs and society's expectations. From the beginning, we have worked to become strategic communication allies of our customers, forming a sort of a communications umbrella. We have implemented programs to improve a CEO's image, public relations, corporate image and reputation, crisis management, and digital communication. The latter two have had a bigger impact in the last few years due to the evolving requirements of our clients, who value the sharp and professional manner in which our plans are executed.

How important is the role of digitalization in a company's communication strategy?

Digital communication is a must. Digital media has expanded the communications options to such a degree that it has become a challenge. New digital channels allow us to display our clients' messages directly to their stakeholders, who also have migrated to these new spaces. At Assistec, we are abreast of all digital advances and we stay up-to-date to manage this form of communication. We always start by defining our goals, and then developing and implementing comprehensive strategies. For example, we have developed synchronized mobile applications that use AI to advance our messages.

What does Assistec recommend to companies facing a crisis?

Our first objective is to prevent or avoid a crisis, so we aim to detect where and when a crisis could take place and, consequently, recommend defensive actions; however, if a crisis does take place, we are able to respond immediately. Our team is well prepared to act quickly, in a matter of a few days or even a few hours. Our team employs comprehensive communication strategies that address both external and internal actors. Additionally, we conduct an accurate mapping of the potential reactions to our messages. Since we have experience dealing with most of Ecuador's business sectors, our executives understand every sector's issues and problems, therefore, we are able to rapidly develop tailor-made plans for each case. Our key recommendations to companies facing a crisis is to act immediately to evaluate the risks, identify the key actors, develop a clear and convincing message, and then transmit it effectively through broad traditional media and/or focused social media.

What role does communication play in the success of a company?

In this digital age, internet and social media has made communications a key component of corporate success, to a degree that was unheard of in prior decades. Companies need to manage their corporate and product images carefully, as well as their ongoing public dialogue with employees, customers, journalists, and people in general. Within Assistec, one leg of our success is that we execute strategies that are carefully crafted to meet the particular needs of each client. The other leg is our team of almost 50 professionals, among them experienced journalists and digital media experts, as well as highly trained PR, marketing, and business analysts. Our customers place their trust in the hands of a multi-disciplinary team that applies thoughtful strategies and rigorous execution to address all challenges, particularly crisis management. On a personal note, I must emphasize that I firmly believe that true leadership means that the people who work with me will grow and develop professionally, thus building our strength on a daily basis.

What are Assistec's priorities for 2020?

Our first priority is to continue guiding and supporting the executives of our domestic and multinational customers. At the same time, we must continue to learn and evolve constantly, always aware of the latest technical innovations as well as the most influential social and political trends shaping Ecuador.