The Business Year

When it comes to expanding a workable marketplace solution, scalability must be the first priority for any firm determined to endure.

Majid Saad Alarifi

Marketing Vice President, Elm

Since its establishment, Elm has taken the initiative to help transform and make the lives of citizens and expats easier, as well as collaborating with the government and private sectors to reach a new level in terms of its services. Since 2002, we have been making a huge effort with our clients to primarily change the mindset when it comes to service delivery. This includes improving the quality of services provided and understanding how to work with real data, rather than continuing with an old-fashioned approach. Under the government’s vision, we are all looking at data as the new oil, whereby Elm is focusing on the data itself. Therefore, Elm is transforming itself into a digital, not just an IT, company. We are also focusing on the customer journey through omni-channel platforms, trying to build our services both for government and private sectors. When it comes to Hajj, we look at the pilgrim to comprehend the full cycle of their journey, from the moment they start to think about going to Hajj until they return home.

Waleed Aldawesh

CEO, Prime Gate

50% of our business is in telecommunications infrastructure, and 50% is in IT solutions related to managed services or targeted businesses such as cybersecurity or digital information based on market demands and our own expertise. In the telecoms sector, there is continuous and vast growth potential, with demand from both the government and leading operators. Our expertise is in managed services, sales, and the roll-out of networks. We have also started on mobile communication infrastructure and the power provision thereof, which is another division with enormous potential, especially in civil construction. Our clients include the Ministry of Interior, MODA, and other public entities, as well as operators like STC, Mobily, Zain, ITC, and Dawiyat. All of them are working on mobile network expansion, which they require as the backbone of their operations. Telecommunication operators are always under pressure from CITC to meet government targets as part of the broader 2022 transformation or Vision 2030 by increasing their network capacity and bringing their technology up to speed for inclusive coverage.

Fahad Alruwaili

Director, Fahad Alruwaili

Within ASTC, we are focused on two tracks: telecommunications and IT solutions. That includes projects related to fiber connection, telecom systems, and microwaves, in addition to delivering IT solutions when it comes to enterprise level solutions, such as ERP and cyber security. We also collaborate with King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST) on multiple projects, one of which is delivering a cartographic algorithm for securing communication between classified entities. Over time, our company has grown and absorbed new business lines through partnering with startups, bringing us in the role of incubator and accelerator. Often, we are approached to validate certain business models and/or propose IT solutions for certain problems. In 2018, we started the Business Innovation Unit, whose goal is to reimagine the existing business models and processes and bring in new technologies. Instead of providing a solution to a client, sometimes it is better to completely revamp operations in order to address deeper challenges. This has led to another new entity called Trustti, which is entirely focused on blockchain, AI, and IoT.

Abdullah Al Zahrani

CEO, Contact Center Company (CCC)

The contact center business became an industry in and of itself; it is like the telecom, BFSI, or airlines industries. So CCC is working on bringing the best practices from all over the world with a local flavor: CCC is a joint-venture company between two well-known giants, STC and Global US Startek (a US-listed company in more than 13 countries, with more than 50,000 employees globally), which gives CCC a better insight on the latest methodologies and professional practices in the market and how we can utilize them in enhancing the overall customer experience journey in the Kingdom. All the aforementioned have given us the advantage to manage more than 20 big accounts from various industries. Recently, we signed three-year contracts with the National Water Company, the Ministry of Housing, Saudi Post, and Saudi Customs. What’s more, CCC is one of the biggest companies aligned with the government’s Vision 2030 to better empower women. With 1,200 female employees and 99% Saudization in our operation staff, we are encouraging others in our industry to follow our approach.

Ahmed Hamdan

CEO, Unifonic

When it comes to how we became a cloud-based communication platform, it all started in 2006 while I was in college; I was studying to be an engineer and was involved in many clubs. We always needed to communicate with the members of the clubs, which is where I faced the challenge of sending messages to groups of people. So together with my brother, we started figuring out a solution to send multiple recipients messages with one click. Two years later, I realized this concept was scalable, and it could be expanded into a business. In the last 10 years, we have monitored market trends in technology advancements, and are moving toward what the customer demand is. We have launched multiple products and entered several markets, but we’ve also shut down offices that were not productive. In terms of our company’s evolution, we always need to focus on what is right for the customer and what the future is. Cloud computing and communication is a growing industry with new ideas evolving every day.



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