Sep. 25, 2020

Lai Koiki


Lai Koiki

Executive Director & Founder, Greensprings School

We offer a holistic education, but more importantly we are a community school.


Lai Koiki graduated from the University of Lagos with a bachelor's in geography and earned a Montessori diploma from St. Nicholas Montessori Training Centre in the UK. Leveraging her professional experience as an educational instructor, leader, and administrator, she has provided over 30 years of strategic leadership to Greensprings. Koiki is a pioneer in providing and promoting inclusive special-needs education in Nigeria. She is a founding member of the Association of Private Educators in Nigeria (APEN) and is a member of its board of trustees. She is also a board member of Accreditation International.

What does Greensprings do differently from the other schools in Lagos?
We offer a holistic education, but more importantly we are a community school. When you enroll your child into the Greensprings School, you become part of the community, where everyone takes responsibility for uplifting one another, especially the children. We stay true to our motto “In Love Serve One Another" and ensure this is reflected in everything we do. Previously, most of us grew up in environments where neighbors or relatives could discipline a child in the absence of their parents, with a sole aim of making him or her a better person in future. It reflects that saying “it takes a village to raise a child." This is even more relevant in today's society; therefore, we encourage parents' participation in school activities, because we want them to also be involved in the school life of their children. Our experience with our PTA community revealed that parents leverage these opportunities to network with one another and build long-lasting relationships. What makes us different as well is our ability to continuously innovate. In the last 35 years, we have recorded several outstanding milestones as a leading institution in the Nigerian education sector. Greensprings is the first school to adopt the Thinking Skills curriculum, which has further strengthened our goal of providing a well-rounded education. In 2017, Honour Olatunji, a Greensprings student, was awarded “Top in the World for Mathematics" in the IGCSE examination by British Council, along with other students who received “Top in The Country" awards in other subjects. Today, we have embarked on building state-of-the-art tech laboratories, which will allow our students to blend practice with theory and have engaging experiential learning. Nigerians continue to excel in education because we are interested in this sector and are known worldwide for our academic excellence.