Jul. 15, 2021

Juan Carlos Ordóñez


Juan Carlos Ordóñez

Director General, Salud Digna

Salud Digna's priority is to continue to contribute to the prevention and early detection of diseases in Mexico regardless of patients' economic situation.


Juan Carlos Ordóñez has been the CEO of Salud Digna since 2011. He completed a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in finance with a specialty in marketing. He obtained the Recognition of Academic Merit from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Sinaloa campus.

What were the main achievements of Salud Digna in 2020?

We managed to effectively and successfully adapt ourselves to the new reality that we face in Mexico as a society, finding our own path to add up to overcome the COVID-19 challenge. Our main achievement is that we have turned into the largest network in Mexico for COVID-19 diagnosis.

What changes did you implement in your operational model to adapt to the challenges posed by the new normality, and are you being able to meet the demand for COVID-19 testing?

There were many changes, some of the most important include security processes for our collaborators and patients who required an important update to our protocols. Among other things, for example, these measures enabled them to send 700 collaborators to their homes to protect their health. We managed to administer new healthcare providers amid a global context of scarcity of supplies and technology to process COVID-19 studies. Another change was reducing costs and maximizing efficiency without hurting our quality, within a context of drop in the demand for important studies in areas such as mammography, ultrasound, and pap smear tests to meet our goals, which since the start of the pandemic was that not a single member of our team lost their job or stopped receiving their payments due to COVID-19.

Have you identified any area of opportunity to achieve additional growth?

Molecular biology is a modality that we did not have as an institution. In a few weeks, we managed to have the two most modern laboratories in that specialty in the country and with the largest production capacity because of its size and high technology.

Is there a product or service that the company is planning to launch in the short and medium term, in addition to your current portfolio?

We are working on several projects that we expect to launch before the month of September, and we feel that they are going to be beneficial for many Mexicans in need that at this moment are not completely satisfied.

In your view, what's the added value that Salud Digna brings into the market against your competitors?

We are an organization that adds up to society. We think the public and private players in this industry are supporting the health of Mexicans, and because of that we see all the market participants who share our vision as allies and not competitors. Every day we seek to improve our value proposition for the customer through technology, better standards of quality and service, national and international certifications, and more. That translates into a better quality and reliability, better prices, and shorter waiting times. The 65,000 patients who use our services daily clearly value this effort and their results.

What are the objectives and priorities of the organization for 2021?

We want to continue growing, though above all we want to offer our services and ensure that this is a safe, reliable, and comfortable experience for our patients. Our priority will continue to be to contribute to the prevention and early detection of diseases in Mexico is not just a wish, but a reality for all Mexicans independently of their low economic resources, and how that helps to reduce many tragedies as it is happening today, and every day, because of worsen health conditions.