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Juan Carlos Garcés

COLOMBIA - Telecoms & IT

Juan Carlos Garcés

General Manager, Intel Colombia


"We want to ensure that prevailing logistical challenges do not impact Intel and its production facilities."

What role does education have within Intel and its operations?

Our purpose as a company is to enrich people’s lives through world-changing technology. By partnering and supporting the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of ICT, we are making our goal real inside Colombia. We have been able to help the programs to become more sustainable and to ensure timely delivery on their commitments. Supply has been a particular challenge over the past few years due to the pandemic, and we have been working to rebalance it up to a worldwide level. Our support for the winners of state bids has enabled them to comply with the expected delivery times. In this way, more than 0.25 million Colombians have been able to access technology over the past two years for the first time. In another segment we are active in, we work with governments to incorporate technologies such as AI into education to ensure that they develop essential 21st century skills. With this program, we have been able to work with 250 specialist academics to the benefit of the nation’s educational community.

How is Intel addressing supply chain shortages, and what is the strategy to fully meet demand?

We have a few approaches under our main strategy called the IDM 2.0, the Intel Development Manufacture. We want to ensure that prevailing logistical challenges do not impact Intel and its production facilities. We have even been helping our suppliers set up assembly or production lines in order to realize timely production. And in our outward looking strategy, we aim to increase our own capacity and invest in new factories. In addition, we are working with a foundry approach as well, in which we will offer our manufacturing services to the whole industry, once we recognize the need to enhance the overall chip production capacity. Nonetheless, chips are what move the world we live nowadays. Over the past year, we announced multibillionaire investments in several countries to expand chip production potential. The digitalization of the economy is increasing demand for chips in general. Over the past few years, we have increased our production capability by around 50%.



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