Jul. 15, 2021

Josef Modlmayer Lecanda


Josef Modlmayer Lecanda

Founder, Auder

From storage and distribution to small charter flights and exports, Auder looks for opportunities to grow and diversify amid challenging times.


Josef Modlmayer Lecanda specializes in logistics, entrepreneurship, and international business. He was vice president of EMAAC, an organization for Mexicana and German entrepreneurs, in which he helped international companies invest and create strategic alliances with Mexico. He has founded several companies and business chambers including MIST-MX, COELIONS,SGTEC, and Hallertau Mexico. He was also general manager and head of logistics for Su Almacén.

What are the main areas of opportunity in storage and distribution in Mexico at the moment?

Our business is not only for small companies, but also medium ones, and the next goal for 2021 is getting this new model for even smaller businesses. The goal is to save money for those companies; having a warehouse is an expense for anyone, though a company can save up to 37% per month with our business. We once had an airplane in our warehouse that we disassembled and distributed as airplane parts. We even have plastic injection machinery that is the biggest in Mexico. We have been receiving many products and companies, including machinery for Toyota and TAR.

Why did you choose Querétaro and Mérida as locations?

Querétaro is currently growing, with the automotive and aerospace industries and many other companies in other industries. Querétaro is surrounded by cities that are the main manufacturing sites for cars, so it has great potential. We chose Mérida because it is cheaper and is close to the Caribbean, meaning we can cover the southeast of Mexico. It is fairly cheap right now, though Mérida is growing rapidly.

What motivated you to open your new aero charter routes?

We started this project over a year ago with the best fares in Querétaro. Companies had told us they have airplanes but did not know what to do with them as no one is flying. I always seek opportunity in everything, so I suggested that since Querétaro has logistics and warehouses with an industry that is growing rapidly, we should do a joint venture and start a charter business not only in Querétaro but all of Mexico. The business targets companies like Bombardier so they can transport small pieces quicker. It is slightly cheaper and more accessible than the competition, as we do not carry the entire cargo. The business is specialized for industry, so it is cheap and quick. We can make two trips per day, and companies get their deliveries in three hours. Right now, our clients are small agriculture companies, auto parts, and cellphones but we have many companies interested in this business, including automotive and aerospace for emergency parts and even plastics.

Can you tell us about your alliance with GIZ in Germany?

I found GIZ through our association called Association of Mexican and German Business association (EMAAC), as I was first a client and member. After many years of working with it, I was offered the position of vice president. I went to Germany for a course in 2016 and was taught how to do business with German companies. It was amazing, and I got to better understand how to do business with Europe. This is how I got to know GSF. I have excellent relations with the director in Germany as well as the team in Mexico.

What products would you be prioritizing?

We will prioritize Mexican products. Germany needs many products like milk, food, sugar, honey, and fruit, which are all available in Mexico. We also have high-quality avocados and have the potential to export that to many countries including Germany and even South America; no one sees that as they always focus on the US. There is potential in Europe, South America, and the UK.

What are your main goals in Mexico for 2021?

The next step is opening a new warehouse in Mérida, which we are currently building. The step after that is to open a new warehouse near Querétaro Airport close to our project for logistics charters. In 2019, we had some excellent results, though with the pandemic, things have paused. We have so many clients and never stopped working. We are currently growing and forming new relations.