May. 2, 2022

Jean-Christopher Queyroux


Jean-Christopher Queyroux

General Manager, Marjane

TBY talks to Jean-Christopher Queyroux, the General Manager of Marjane.


Jean Christophe Queyroux is the General Manager of Marjane Hypermarkets. He joined Marjane as general manager of the hypermarket division in 2017. Prior to that, he was general manager of Pyrenees, a retail company in Andorra. He has held various executive responsibilities for Carrefour in different countries in Europe. He began his career with Procter & Gamble in France and Switzerland. He has degree in finance from the Kedge Business School of Bordeaux.

What are the main market trends impacting your sector today?

The two main areas are how consumers’ habits changed—or did not in some cases—and how their disposable incomes were affected by the pandemic. We set up an online business in Morocco to ensure it is available for those who need it. It is efficiently working in eight cities already, and about 75% of our business is covered by e-commerce. We propose a high level service through it. Customers in Morocco still want to visit the store and experience the pleasure of shopping. The two channels are not in opposition; online is additional and complementary to what we offer in stores. Another trend affecting our organization is that during the pandemic and still today, our hypermarkets close earlier than they used to, and those two hours made up 15% of our usual business. Our consumers have to adapt to that and make sure they shop within our opening hours. Regular supermarkets might be a better option for our customers since they tend to be located closer to our customers than hypermarkets. Overall, we survived quite well 2020, and this year is going on a good trend as well.

Do you have any plans for regional expansion outside of Morocco?

We may have some, though in the past three to four years we have invested in structural access here. We have invested in logistics while working on a strong, true, efficient supply chain that did not exist before. We also invested in a digital environment for our back office to update our working style, in addition with our ecommerce. We have strengthened our relationship with local suppliers to promote the Made in Morocco in textile for instance, or quality and safety in fresh food while launching food chains with them. We have also launched a loyalty program, so we are giving strength to our home business, and we are fairly confident that we can open many supermarkets and also hypermarkets in early 2022. Our plan is to open two per year going forward. There is still room for expansion in Morocco. Regarding other countries in Africa, we see interesting opportunities. We have relationships with people there, although it is not our main priority now. We hope to take huge steps forward in Morocco in the coming years.