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After completing secondary school in 1995, Faig Safarov entered the Department of International Economic Relations of the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. He graduated in 2000 and entered the world of business. He is currently President of Kia Motors Az.

How would you describe the market for luxury cars in Azerbaijan? First of all, I would like to stress that the current circumstances in Azerbaijan allow the opportunity to represent […]

How would you describe the market for luxury cars in Azerbaijan?

First of all, I would like to stress that the current circumstances in Azerbaijan allow the opportunity to represent every prestigious automobile brand at a high level. This is primarily the outcome of successful socioeconomic policies that have been conducted by the leadership of Azerbaijan. In addition, the constant increase of the financial living standards of our population and the required infrastructure make it feasible for these prestigious automobile brands to be represented in the best way.

How do you compete with several other luxury car brands in a market that is heading toward saturation?

We are more than happy to see that luxury automobile brands are being represented in the local market. However, our competition strategy is primarily based on good intentions with strong business activities because healthy competition is the foundation of increasing development. The driving force of demand for Porsche is our customer-oriented approach to individuals and corporations.

What challenges exist for the growth of the luxury car market and how is Porsche addressing them?

In order to increase the number of vehicles in the market, there have been several types of automobile-oriented events and road shows. For example, the city of Baku hosted one of the largest international automobile events called “City Challenge.” As a flagship for luxury cars, Porsche engages in its own specific type of participation during every event.

What Porsche models do Azerbaijanis prefer?

When buying a car, the Azerbaijani citizen expects and is interested in models such as the Cayenne and Panamera. However, our strategic objective is to match the level of interest toward sports cars as compared to the other popular models.

Given that fuel prices in Azerbaijan are extremely low, is there a market for hybrid cars?

As a representative of a sports car company, I can assure you that hybrid cars will find a niche in the near future, as ecological standards become essential. This phenomenon encourages the export of hybrid automobiles. When the time comes, our hybrid Porsche will be ready at the forefront of this technology.

What are your growth objectives for Porsche in 2013?

Considering the increased interest in the Porsche brand worldwide, we expect similar results here in Azerbaijan. From my perspective, the variations in the range of Porsche models for 2013 will speed up the development process as expected.

What have been the most significant changes to the investment landscape in Azerbaijan during President Ilham Aliyev’s term?

Throughout the leadership years of the honorable President Aliyev, the country’s economic indicators have grown exponentially. Since 2003, our government and our nation have achieved unbelievable success in the social sphere, as well as in every other area of development. Huge amounts of money have been invested in various sectors of economy. Furthermore, Azerbaijan has established industries with strong backgrounds and foundations and over 1 million jobs have been created. This has been directly affecting the living standards of the population and increases hope for a prosperous future. I strongly believe that the President will continue to lead our nation into a thriving future.



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