Mar. 15, 2020

Hassan Becdach Muñoz


Hassan Becdach Muñoz

CEO, HJ Becdach

“Ecuador’s oil industry is going through a transition.”


A leading Ecuadorian businessman in the organization of fairs, events, and congresses, Hassan Becdach Muñoz's social skills and enthusiastic work ethic have enabled him to bring in foreign investment and create employment.

What is your overview of the event industry in Ecuador, and what role does your company play?

The event industry in Ecuador has become a key tool for every sector, especially companies in the commercial, manufacturing, and service sectors. Expo conferences provide efficiency for those offering services or products, and the industry is evolving at a quick pace; therefore, it requires our full attention. This is how we can fulfill the needs of our clients. Market research and internal and external analysis are an essential phase that we have to go through and take into account for every event. We are implementing a strategic process that will generate economic benefits for the company and increase the positioning of the company in each of the events. In 2019, HJ Becdach completed 38 years in the market, during which it organized trade fairs, events, and congresses. The key word for us is trust, because everything that we carry out or do is reflected and demonstrated through the quality of our work. We are a reference in the organizational sector and have constantly contributed to the development of Ecuador.

Ecuador Oil & Power is one of the most important events for the hydrocarbon sector in Ecuador. How has this event improved the international image of the industry?

Ecuador's oil industry is going through a transition. As one of the most diverse countries, Ecuador has ample natural resources. The event was successful, with each of the participating companies demonstrating their commitment to invest. It is a place where private companies, government-owned firms, and national and international companies meet and share their experiences. Over the last two decades, companies who have participated in the events have been essential to exploration and production activities in the country. The global oil sector is going through different cycles, but we remain positive and believe Ecuador can produce up to 550,000bpd. But to do so, we need more investment.