Apr. 8, 2020

Hamdan AlShamsi

UAE, Dubai

Hamdan AlShamsi

Senior Partner, Hamdan AlShamsi Lawyers & Legal Consultants

“We believe that Dubai has led the region in innovation, the UAE has as well put in place extremely important IP laws.”


Hamdan AlShamsi is a UAE national, educated at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom and has nearly a decade of successful litigation experience across the United Arab Emirates. Hamdan has built one of Dubai's most reputable and respected law practices. He is widely regarded as a top litigator in the Dubai Courts with extensive experience in corporate, banking & finance, and insurance law. Hamdan advises both local and international companies as well as governmental entities in cases involving complex litigation. He appears regularly before the Appeals Court and the Court of Cassation, as well as UAE's Federal Supreme Court. Hamdan Al Shamsi has been recognized as one of the most powerful Arabs under the age of 40, heading the company as not only Senior Partner but also CEO, the firm is joined by Lawyers from all over the world to name a few New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, Jordan, India, America, UAE. This diverse team headed by Hamdan creates the firm well known in the UAE as Hamdan Al Shamsi Lawyers & Legal Consultants.

What have been the recent legislative updates in Dubai that help enable entrepreneurs and innovation? Are there additional updates to IP law that would help foster increased innovation?

Intellectual Property (IP) laws have been introduced in the UAE for more than a decade including protection for trade marks, patents, work of authors and various other laws to protect IP holders. More recently an IP protection law in 2019 was introduced to the DIFC. The UAE has issued a new companies law and a bankruptcy law that most likely will boost entrepreneurship, the long awaited bankruptcy law comes with a preliminary protection and process to avoid and protect companies from bankruptcy to save companies that may be able to be saved from liquidity issues and court enforcements. Corporate registries in the UAE year on year are offering more competitive setting up and licensing fees and continually improve the friendliness and speed for setting up in the UAE.

How do you and the company embody and enhance Dubai's spirit of innovation?

We try to foster innovation by bringing minds to work together in particular when working on solving a problem. We try to make a challenge of everything we do in the office and encourage working groups to meet within the office to think of new ways and ideas to help improve our office. On an ongoing basis we try to re-think what we do in the office and speak out in a friendly forum of what we would like to see better in the firm, we then take such ideas and compare them against one another and put a group together to implement and make change in the organization. The ongoing nature of obtaining ideas and then comparing them to one another provides itself innovation and gives the people involved experience in dealing with new ideas and learning which ideas work and which do not through this experience.

How do you expect Expo 2020 will impact the entrepreneurial and innovation landscape? How do you expect it to impact the firm's work in IP law and more broadly?

We believe that EXPO 2020 will be a reminder to the country that there is a lot more room for innovation, it certainly will encourage people by seeing the pace of development and innovation in other countries. As a firm we expect to assist new business or current businesses with new bright ideas and its implementation. We also expect a rise in work to do with the registration of patents and trademarks. There is a growing need as well for protecting authors of art and other productions which we have noticed in the recent years and this trend will continue as more work from authors are produced in this region. There is certainly a high probability that EXPO 2020 will encourage more innovation and growth in the business in the region as people from all over the world exchange ideas and learn new things from one another.

How does Dubai compare in terms of IP Law and innovation regionally? Are there any places that offer notable competition now or in the near future?

We believe that Dubai has led the region in innovation, the UAE has as well put in place extremely important IP laws very early to help this growth and protect any innovation and new ideas by any person in the UAE. IP is being protected in the UAE in a very noticeable fashion and the regulation is being enforced by the authorities diligently. The other seven emirates in particular Abu Dhabi are also enforcing and regulating the IP laws under the same federal law and regulation, each emirate in the UAE certainly can be seen to encourage innovation and new ideas in slightly different but successful ways.

What are your strategic priorities and vision for the firm in 2020 and the coming years?

The firm's priorities and vision for 2020 and the coming years is to focus on challenging businesses with new legal ideas to improve the protection that they are afforded by law, to assist in concluding successful contracts for clients of ours and to develop a better commercial understanding of the business and priorities of our clients to better serve them.