The Business Year

Carlos Mazzeo

Manager, Alameda Hotel Mercure

We had to go through a restructuring period, due to the growth of Ecuador. This growth is mainly due to the successful efforts of the Ministry of Tourism & Culture. We did all the remodeling work in three months. Following this change, we grew by between 18% and 20%. Our growth was helped both by the growth of the industry, and by the remodeling work that we did. The rooms were the biggest change, with renovation of the 40 sqm plus bathrooms and the premium rooms receiving an anteroom and desks. Beyond that, the main change was in food and beverages, events, and conventions, with a growth in these areas of around 40%. Today, a corridor connects all six salons: Álamos has the capacity to host 120 people, and Robles 90 people, while we also have the Cedros, Arupos, Laureles, and the Cipreses and Pinos salons. We adapt our services to client demands, from coffee breaks to special champagne, petals on the floor, or the color of the chairs. We cater to all sorts of extravagant requests.

Vladimir Carrera

General Manager, Dann Carlton Quito

Hotel Dann Carlton Quito was essentially created to tend to the increasing business market in the city due to its location, which is key for the business today. The hotel is close to the most important Financial Center, main corporate offices and malls, as well as the main avenue, which is a fast link to the airport road. However, the hotel also attracts local and international companies, both medium and large, to host events, conferences, business meetings, product launches, and social occasions, among other events. The hotel also offers great local dishes and delicious international cuisine at Opera Restaurant and the new Luxemburgo Café. At the top of one of the towers, the hotel has a state-of-the-art gym and exercise area with a complete wet zone; sauna, Turkish bath, jacuzzi, massage rooms, and a fantastic indoor swimming pool. We also offer a professional squash court, lockers, and relaxation areas, among other services.

Gino Luzi

General Manager, Gino Luzi

The Grand Hotel Guayaquil crystallizes the best qualities of the other three hotels within our group, with both the tourist and business traveler in mind. The rich fabric of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city, reflected in the traditional ambience of our hotel, is complemented by its location. We are a pleasant stroll away from several must-see attractions, among which are the Metropolitan Cathedral of Guayaquil and the Iguana Park. And of course, any visitor to our city must enjoy the Malecón 2000. This splendid urban renewal project has invigorated the former Simón Bolí­var boardwalk and stretches for an impressive 2.5 kilometers along the western shore of the River Guayas. A walk along it takes you past several of the key sites of Guayaquil’s history. You can also stop off at museums and sculpted public spaces, or else indulge in shopping and local cuisine. For trips further afield, we are conveniently located for a visit to the geographical wonder of the Galápagos. You can also visit the historic center of Cuenca, Ecuador’s third largest city, which is a World Heritage Site. Other areas of cultural interest include: Quito, the Amazon, and Vilcabamba.



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