May. 23, 2016

Xaliq Ismayilov


Xaliq Ismayilov

General Director, Safe Life

TBY talks to Xaliq Ismayilov, General Director of Safe Life, on fire safety services and products, upcoming events, and security systems.


Xaliq Ismayilov was educated in Turkey and, from 2003 to 2007, he worked as Chief Executive of Aksesuar İnşaat in Baku. He is currently the General Director of Safe Life.

In what ways does Safe Life support the development of fire safety and security services and products in the Azerbaijani market?

Safe Life always attends international and local events on innovative, high-tech, and optimized systems. We constantly expand our international partnerships and experience in the sphere of fire safety. Safe Life has created close collaborations with engineers, architectures, and end users. The experience we have gained helps our team to work out the right solutions and implement projects in the best way possible.

For large-scale international events such as the 2015 European Games, the Islamic Solidarity Games in 2017, the 2016 Formula One Grand Prix, and private sector projects, what is Safe Life's professional approach?

Safe Life has a professional background in implementing government sector projects, as well as private sector projects. Responsibility, due diligence, quality, and customer satisfaction throughout the projects are the main concerns in all our projects.

Security is always a paramount concern. Which kind of difficulties and problems do you face in targeting security systems?

The leak of consumer information and the awareness of consumers about the results of using non-secured networks or activities may be the most commonplace problem. Along with that, often we see carelessness and irresponsibility coming from people who are closely involved in the construction of highly strategic projects and projects of public appointment.

Safe Life cooperates with many international companies. How would you assess the company's position in the local market as a result?

Our company has a great performance record with international partners on major projects. Providing innovative and hi-tech solutions make Safe Life more competitive in offering efficient solutions. The Safe Life team becomes more and more professional year by year.

What are your future plans, and are you looking to work on further expansion?

The strategy and business plan of our company for 2016 is based on the growing demands of the oil and gas, industrial, and construction sectors. As a result of our conversations with our customers, end-users, detailed consultations, project managers, and sales representatives, we will deliver an ambitious program of products and services that promotes growth and development at a professional level. We collaborate with more than 90 companies all over the world and we are going to continue working in this direction. Customer satisfaction has always been the guideline for our future activities. We think that this element is the base of a successful business relationship. We will continue to develop our innovative solutions and our employees' skills. An advantage for us is the outstanding durability of our product range. We plan to identify more business partners with which we can collaborate to introduce their technologies to our customers in our country.