Jul. 7, 2015

Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman

UAE, Dubai

Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman

General Manager, Emirates Transport

TBY talks to Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman, General Manager of Emirates Transport, on collaboration with government entities, the use of technology, and expectations for the coming years.


Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman has 20 years of professional experience in finance, investment, corporate leadership, and strategic planning. He joined Emirates Transport in 1988, having graduated with a BA in accounting from UAE University. In addition to his role as GM of Emirates Transport, he is chairman of the boards of directors of Emirates Transport Technology Solutions, Emirates National Facilities Management, Speed Trans, and Emirates Facilities Management.

How does Emirates Transport work with other government entities toward the overall development of the UAE?

Emirates Transport was established 34 years ago as a federal government corporation specializing in the provision of transport, rental, and auto maintenance services. From the start, the corporation adopted strategic investment plans that complement the overall development plans in the UAE, and support the aspirations and visions of the state, such as of the UAE Vision 2021. Emirates Transport implements these plans through key strategic and community partnerships with government ministries and agencies, at federal and local levels, as well as companies from the private sector. Some of these major partnerships are in the oil and gas sector, as well as companies in the sectors of transport, tourism, support services, and facilities management. Within this scope, the corporation has signed more than 50 MoUs with public and private sector entities, and lists some 430 clients who benefit from 38 services. It is important to emphasize that such initiatives are prepared, developed, and implemented in coordination and cooperation with the strategic partners of the corporation, the most important of which are the Ministry of the Interior, Abu Dhabi Education Council, and the Ministry of Education.

What significant contributions is Emirates Transport making to the economic development of the UAE?

Over recent years, the economy of the UAE has become highly diversified with a rapid increase in businesses operating in the country. And for a commercial federal entity, such as Emirates Transport, change was not only necessary, it was inevitable. Many services were added to the portfolio of ET, including commercial transport and rentals, luxury transport, logistics, petroleum transport, facility management, security, transport technology, motorcycle and valet parking, and the conversion of vehicles to natural gas. The corporation grew drastically to become more than just a school transport service provider, and as our organization developed so did our level of quality. Emirates Transport's own culture and roots are connected with its founding vision of providing quality service at competitive prices, and this has helped us to become a leading organization in the sector.

How does Emirates Transport employ technology as part of the UAE Smart Government initiatives?

As part of the UAE federal government, Emirates Transport is keen on consistently incorporating the Smart Government initiative into its projects, paving the road for superior service delivery to clients and the general public. Emirates Transport has developed a subsidiary company called Emirates Transport Technology Solutions (ETTS), which looks after designing, deploying, and operating transport technology solutions to serve key transport service providers across all operational domains: land, rail, aviation, and maritime. Among the core services offered by ETTS is the School Transport Asset Reporting System (STARS), which delivers a full command and control and communication platform to school bus operators. In addition, the company offers Emirates Asset Surveillance and Tracking (EAST), which provides a control and communications platform to all vehicle operators and fixed asset owners based upon traditional GPS tracking without video surveillance. ETTS also caters to R&D efforts in the transport technology field in order to provide better ways of doing business and consistently making EAST compatible with the Smart Government initiative and its innovative transport projects.

What significant transport projects or partnerships do you envision in the next five years?

Emirates Transport is always on the lookout for any project or initiative that can enhance the transport sector in the state and its own services. We are constantly improving and developing the services we provide to the school, government, and private sectors, introducing new technology and green solutions to achieve the best possible services while meeting environmental objectives. Over the past couple of years, we have launched a number of environmentally friendly projects, including the CNG Vehicle Conversion Centre, the Tyre Retreading Unit, and the Dry Car Wash Unit, and we plan to expand these projects and introduce similar initiatives in the near future. As one of the major transport companies in the UAE, and the region, Emirates Transport is looking forward to collaborating with different public and private sector establishments to contribute to the development of the sustainable transportation environment in the country.